Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Sure? I guess you’re struggling with that rn? Good luck to you.

Hey btw, if your mind ever finds itself back on topic, you know, Mercy balance stuff, feel free to respond to that, k?

Other then that. Good luck on your journey my friend. Be humble, be cautious, you’ll do fine. Self realization/awareness truly is a pain. My thoughts and prayers be with you.



I already said what I wanted to say. You don’t seem to understand that, oddly.


K :slight_smile: Glad you could get that off your chest.

If you come across someone that can actually put up a debate when it comes to Mass Rez and the contents of this thread (Titaniums original BS that is, I’m not about to read through 10.9k of echo chamber) etc send them my way k?

If not, let this thread die. The arguments here are weak af.

Over 10k responses worth of brainstorming on this thread alone and the best arguments being offered are “oh but I feel” and “Oh well I said what I wanted to say plz RESPEKT MUH FEELZ!” type arguments…

Yikes… Hey, at least y’all spent the last 2 years productively when it came to this Mercy stuff, right? :wink: :wink: Huge developments made. Much understanding reached. :roll_eyes:



This is healing ramp-up mechanic, and it’s essential for her at this point.


Can’t resist being snippy, don’t you?

Uh, you were the one who started beating yourself over that empathy issue, not me. :man_shrugging:


The fundamental question is – what has to give in order for the heal ramp-up mechanic to happen? I vote nerfs to E-rez. :wink:


Let them without sin cast the first stone and what not. You trying to act like you weren’t snippy toward me? :wink: You get what you give.

I wasn’t the one that brought up the ability to empathize originally. I’m just responding to the nonsense arguments y’all be presenting.

Almost 11k responses btw LUL. Talk about our feelings I guess? Strong arguments.

Need some more time to discuss your feelings?


Dude, just let it pass. You cannot win over an empathy issue by saying – “I have empathy.”


You’re the one that brought it up bro. You’re the one that leaned on it. Why tf would I be concerned about “winning” here? Tf do I gain by convincing you I’m capable of empathy? I see no gain.

Your arguments are trash and now you’re bowing out while trying to save face. That’s cool. Carry on, friendo. Best of luck to you.

Like I said, if y’all find someone that can actually debate the topic, Mercy, Mass Rez, send em my way. Cuz you clearly can’t.

Can we get back to topic now? Or you still hung up on this empathy thing?


So? You just responded badly to it. You also deny feelings as part of a valid response to games. Games are a product of culture, and culture and emotions are intricately intertwined. When they do, they become works of art that stand the test of time.

TLDR: feelings are part and parcel of discussing games. I don’t get offended when you try to score points about my “feels” for OW, and discussing those feels.


And legitimately all your responses have been bad. I was actually hoping you’d be able to construct a half decent argument but here you are just trying to dig into some personal tangent totally irrelevant to the topic.

And even when I give you outs, where we can just go back to the original topic and forget all this, you still try digging into this ad hominem nonsense.

Your nonsense feeling argument would carry weight in PVE or single player type game development scenarios. When dealing with a strictly PVP game, where the enemy players are the ones that provide the “encounters” and such, balance takes precedent.

Take your feelings to a youtube vlog and try to make some $$$ off of it or something. That’s all it’s good for. Your feelings are worthless when it comes to discussing the topic of this thread.


Obvious and simple stuff.

Nearly 11k responses in this thread alone. Y’all have GOT to have something more than this. If not… Sad stuff.


Just throw it away already. No one wants such ability anymore.


So you say. brokenstyli responded well to you, and I happen to agree with his commentary about how players like you respond to Mercy arguments.

You think his arguments and mine are bad, I think yours are really bad too.

TLDR: Just give it a rest. We are both in complete disagreement, and that’s about it (I hinted at it when I said “So? 20 characters”).


And we went back and forth until I dropped a dissection on them and they disappeared. Now if their perspective was as solid as you trumpet it to be, I’d assume they’d be able to respond.

Now hey, I’m not saying anything. Maybe they will take me to task on my rebuttal of what they said a week or two from now after thinking it over, as is tho they haven’t. Open ended nonsense.

That doesn’t surprise me.

The difference between me and you two? I defend every single point of my arguments. Y’all just don’t offer any answer.

Why you keep telling me to give it a rest, and then reply to me?

Get your stuff together man. I don’t expect you to respond, I don’t expect you to refute any of the points I brought up regarding the topic however many posts back, I don’t expect anything from you.

You’re the one saying to give it a rest. Do yourself a favour and don’t reply. And do this forum a favor and let this stupid thread die.


So? :woman_shrugging:
20 characters


That’s the point of debate my friend.

I didn’t realize you were 100% committed to treating this forum as your diary.

Wanna talk about your feelings? Did you make any friends today? Did someone make you feel bad?

Btw: Why you responding?


How about you? Why are you responding?






Gold star, friendo. A for effort. You’re adorable. :blush:

“Give it a rest” they said. :blush:


Hmm, how much overheals then, Cleo? Coz throwing away E-rez is a big deal.

On tilt? Could be, I don’t care. :wink:



Should I have added an /s tag on that? I thought the sarcasm was painfully obvious but maybe not?

And yo… Why you responding??? :thinking:

They said. :blush:

They said. :blush:

They said. :blush:

They said. :blush:

They said. :blush:

They said. :blush:

Oh my…


Almost 11k responses btw. Where’s Titanium now?