Why I don't support Overwatch now

I’m not going to write a book here; I just want it known.

I’m giving up on this game for a few reasons that no one seems to care about.

  1. Broken / unbalance characters

    They basically turn Hanzo into McCree, making McCree useless. Characters like Doomfist and Sombra these devs have no f***ing idea how to properly design for. Finally some like my boy Bastion have gone unacknowledged for a long time. Oh yes and also completely changing characters we love because… well because they can no other reason.

  2. Ghosted Community Response

    The very few community replies are just ghosts of an ad. They don’t ever talk to their player base. I’m not ask for them to reply to every post. Just put effort into talking with us. All they have ever given us is shallow attempts of advertisement for a map or hero.

  3. Going E-Sport with Mario Kart

    This is a straight up casual game, nothing about it is competitive. Yet they continue to treat it as such. Causing toxicity in their very own community. As well wasting dev / money / and time on a venture that shouldn’t be the focus.

  4. Pulling out the rug to “free” players

    One of the biggest things this game prided itself on before release. Was all content free. Then they stabbed that in the back and opened the gateway with the paid DLC that was Pink Mercy. Not to get into it too much but yes that is a purchase, I don’t care where the money went. If you put money forth and get something in return it’s a purchase. If you don’t, it’s a donation.

    But sure let’s just say “donation” anyway, it was for a good cause. But before that was the E-sports skins. Which I had no issue simple 30 minute work to recolor your favorite. BUT THEN, they pissed me off! They say you can only get these new asset customizations for large $$$ amounts. $30 or so for this lucio emote… the new legendary coming which will cost probably just as much, each.

    I guarantee sometime soon all customs will be paid.

Over all I just hate them spitting in the face of their fans. If it wasn’t for HotS I would uninstall Battle_net

So long, if you stick with the game I hope you have fun :D


I shall have fun in your place, Guy.

This statement is still true. You get every Update for free and the things that you can buy with real money not necessary for you to play the game, don’t give you a advantage over other players and are overall just cosmetic items.

The Skin is nothing you need to have to play the game. It is more like; you do something good, here is a reward for it!

So if you give someone money on Patreon and you get one of the rewards it is a purchase? Shouldn’t you rather say that, the intention is the thing that matters in such a case? If you donate some money it is ok, but if you donate some money and get a reward from it, it isn’t donating anymore?

This is a straight up lie, you can get the skins also by watching the league.

Another lie. You don’t get the Lucio emote for 30$ you get the All-access pass for 30$ and they just recently made it so everyone who bought it gets the emote as an extra


I disagree entirely with #4.

All of Overwatch’s paid content is purely cosmetic (minus the actual game of course). The developers have released free maps and free additional heroes at no charge. If you don’t purchase anything then you are not disadvantaged in any way compared to someone who purchased $99 worth of lootboxes. I’m sorry that other people’s Mercy’s look prettier than yours, but to say that constitutes “pulling the rug to free players” is a pretty big overstatement.

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Let’s just be clear: Nobody at Blizzard made toxic players act toxically.

Blizzard allowed toxic players to act toxically.

However, the ultimate responsibility for toxicity is on the toxic players, not on Blizzard. It’s not the result of hero imbalance or competitiveness or bad SR calculation or bad matchmaking. It’s the result of immature players’ not knowing how to act like decent human beings.


I love these outraged snowflake posts…


There goes the last Bastion


Blizzard own the house. Sure, they don’t have control over people wanting to make the ambient terrible, but it’s their responsibility to kick those players out of the house.

And the fact that some people making the ambient terrible can point at the other client that is wearing a funny shirt and Blizzard kick that person out instead of the trashers is terrible.

Everything you posted here is a contradiction… joke!?

I gave up too. Too many heroes that feel impossible to counter. As a tank I cannot protect my team from doom no matter what. Zarya would be the only one, and dooms cooldowns are half that of Zarya so, there is no viable way to prevent doom from just picking a target and going to town.


Can we not harrass the man here.

Its his opinions. Mine as well. Disproving anything here only subjectifies our worry of a community that has gone downhill.

Its their responsibility to moderate as it is their platform.

Ultimately a city does not police itself. It must have an authority that gives the final word.

No judgr
ement no law no control and then you only get ramaging chaos.

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Well my email currently says that OWL all access stuff is early access In game skins,Sprays, and player icons nothing about emotes tho

Could you please also explain what of this is condtradiction? (Do you said that like this? Never heard that word before in school)

A contradiction is one or more statements in which the ideals or thoughts conflict. In sense they cancel each other out.

In example to one; “A snowy summer’s day”

With in your reply to my post every point has one of these.

We are still here!

Honestly the worst thing about this game are the people who blow everything way out of protortion and then blame Blizzard or the devs.

Blizzard isn’t perfect, but they are much better than people on these forums give them credit for.

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I should make a post called, ”Why I don’t care”.


The Pink Mercy skin was primarily meant to be a cause/awareness for breast cancer. Wasn’t that the purpose?

no matter the purpose, it’s a purchase