Why have people gone soft?

Are posts like these a “Back in my day…!” moment in disguise? :thinking:


I paid money for this game.


This statement literally makes zero sense in this context; just say you want to be openly and freely be rude to people with no consequences and move on


well. yeah… but that doesn’t sound good XD

let me guess “I suffered for things and so should you”?

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Its the school systems quite honestly. No, for real. They don’t teach critical thinking because that encourages real thought and discussion, and you can’t push a single agenda if people actually think. Instead, they substitute social sacred cows to react over and train people to mindlessly respond emotionally to instead of using thought to temper emotions.


We all agreed to follow Blizz’s rules when we signed up for the game.

Those rules include being appropriate in chat. Even with the update to chat filters, Blizz specifically said that hiding it behind a filter doesn’t excuse the wrong behavior to begin with.

PLEASE NOTE: Using Any of the profanity filters doesn’t make it okay for players to use offensive language, and we encourage you to report these examples if you encounter them.

See Blizzard Entertainment’s In-Game-Code of Conduct for more information on acceptable behavior. Using language reported by the community and deemed offensive by Blizzard will result in severe account restrictions.

People are simply asking Blizzard to enforce their own rules.


Why have people gone soft?

I noticed it with my friends lately, when i touch them they have a softer coating and thay called it fat!

I guess quarantine made all of us have this soft coating called fat and its spreading all over the world.


Then you don’t know your rights. You have a right to say anything to anyone, and you can’t get prosecuted for it. However, if you’re in my house and start insulting me, I have every right to throw you out, and Blizzard has every right to prevent you from accessing their servers if you breach their ToS.

Not really, it’s all about context. If there’s an area in a game that’s the headquarters of a group of N*zis that are one of the factions in the game, that’s perfectly fine from a legal standpoint. That’s very different from actually advocating discrimination.

Says the person that made the post to complain…

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Honestly that stuff is nothing compared to what call center employees go through everyday. No sir threatening to kill my entire family wont get you your tv back

It’s insulation… I am building insulation for the upcoming nuclear winter. Y’all gonna regret making fun of me.


Life is too short to spend it listening to annoying people.

Now more than ever.

It doesn’t matter if someone goes through worse, the point is that kind of stuff shouldn’t be said in general.

Because they make the rules, they dont have to follow them. See how that works? You do.

Here’s some free speech for OP

You’re a jackass


On one hand, the new filter system is in play and people forgot to turn them on.

On the other hand, you can’t exactly change people AND you really can’t censor the crap people says in Voice Chat. In a competitive setting, not being in VC can be a big downside. And when some jackass decided to spew hateful slurs you basically have no other choices but to mute them and risk losing out on call outs.

Not like there will calls out from that douchebag in the first place

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The filter doesn’t block most Internet words used to insult and harass people though.

Only the softest of soft are unable to control their emotions and choices of words.


I get the feeling this is a disguised Blizzard employee pushing for section 230.

I mean, if they are complaining about a swear word then sure.

If they don’t like your negative attitude in a team based game, no filter fixes that.