Why Has Blizzard Been Silent About Reinhardt?


I can’t answer that, I’m not Blizzard and don’t have access to their priority list.
But would you seriously want them to acknowledge something that they aren’t even working on?


If they aren’t working on Reinhardt than I’m quitting the game full stop.

Imagine if Mercy’s GA was broken or something. I guarantee you they’d make it #1 priority.


Yeah, you’re right. They have a vendetta specifically against Reinhardt players and will do anything and everything in their power to keep him buggy and “unplayable” for as long as possible.


True silence is bastion, reinhardt’s ult was changed a ptr ago so they clearly haven’t forgotten about him yet at least.


Nice hyperbole. I literally said in the OP that I know Blizzard isn’t like that. Way to reveal you didn’t actually read my post.


You just implied Blizzard is picking favourites.


Cuz they be don’t care.


It’s fixed on the PTR.

At least educate yourself before you complain.


In Britain, it’s acknowledgement.



I’m gonna say here what I said in another thread – You guys have no clue how good we have it. Games like Paladins have game breaking bugs that have been there since closed beta. Overwatch is pretty damn polished considering most of their development team is focused on OWL and other meaningless crap.


It’s “acknowledge” in the US too. OP just spelled it wrong.


Oh, lol. :joy:


They quite literally said they worked on the OWL spectator system and other in-game OWL content. Nothing else.

All of that is done now. That haven’t touched OWL since last Fall.

Even then, they used the OWL color system to create a colorblind system.

There really isn’t anything to complain about.


Either way, I still feel like people don’t understand how much better it is here compared to most other games.


They actually fixed a lot of bugs. The multiple shatter bug is just a visual glitch and is fixed in the PTR from what I’ve heard.


multiple bugs are broken again that got ‘fixed’ or never actually did get fixed.

You still get esd through shield.

reins animation bug is back for example, that got fixed a while ago.

Reins bugs dont stay fixed, dont actually get fixed, and hes getting more and more bugs


While my faith in Rein fixes is honestly low, this is what I wanted. I was not aware of the PTR changes


You started ranting, complaining and borderline insulting the devs because you want them to do something that they have done.

Please, just please, do a bit of research…


and i shall wait for the bugs to not actually have been fixed or if any of them did they break in the next patch like every other bug fix reins gotten.


I never “borderline insulted” them.