Why Hammond hasn't got his skins in the PTR

Jeff was adamant about making it clear that he isn’t a junker.
I think that is why it isn’t his default skin.

that does make sense for me wrecking ball is his name because that is what most people know him as and junker skin should be default because that is what most people see him as but i understand why they want to make it clear he is not a junker

I mean if I was going out to tour the world after living in a literal junk heap for who knows how long I’d wanna look my best too.

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They surely know how to kill all the hype of this game.


They didn’t do his name right in the opinion of most players.
Hammond is the name of the hamster.
Wrecking ball is the name of the AI that assists with the mech.
The AI isn’t even an omnic. So it isn’t a person.
The name in game should be listed as Hammond.

but most people are wrong, in the overwatch universe most know him as wrecking ball so that is his name

Oh ok.
The forum post about the stream clears up what will happen.
There will be 2 artist talking about Hammond’s design…
That is all…

I wonder if those artistic insights will make people more open to the idea of hamster on the roster… :laughing:

I doubt it…

It is true. OW social media pages posted a teaser for basically a teaser.

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For all the hype they’re building up it’d better be beyond legendary.

We only know that they now have at least one additional skin that’s complete enough to show us tomorrow.

Yea, it makes sense why it’s not his default skin but also adds confusion about his name.

If he’s still participating in junker fights I think it would make sense to go by his arena name “Wrecking Ball” but since they’re stressing that he’s not I don’t see why he isn’t just “Hammond”. Unless we’re jumping so far ahead that he’s already joined Winston’s Overwatch2 and is using the name again as an agent or something.