Why Hammond hasn't got his skins in the PTR

Well now we know…
So they could reveal one! skin during a stream :confused:
Which will likely be the junker skin we already got a glimpse of in his origin video.

Watch concept artists Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang reveal one of Wrecking Ball’s legendary skins LIVE on 7/12 at 1PM PT!


If that is the case, I’ll be furious… We shouldn’t have to wait for 2 weeks just to have some streamer reveal a singular piece of it. Hopefully this isn’t true.


They’re going to look like D.Va’s two junker skins and probably be his least popular.


I’d provide the link to the twitter post, but I am far from TL3. Because I call out OW/Blizzard on their “choices”…

I found it, and their thread in the General Forum… What a scam. :confused:

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And the “first world problem” award goes to…


… pointing out the stupidity of a topic, on a forum that is filled with topics you could say the same thing to.

And if you try to watch the preview for his abilities it is other heroes instead

I kinda find it as a cheap move too but maybe there is something special about the skin.


I thought it was because they were trying to figure out how to design around a Hamster Wheel.

I know they trashed the Water Bottle Gun idea after 6 months of development.

What is the problem?
They could have not released the hero.
They could have stopped making skins etc.
Why do we need all skins, right now, before he is live?

Other new heroes haven’t had all their cosmetics on the PTR, so I’m not irritated by a lack of previews.

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Because those are the expectations set by a pattern that OW has made.
They are holding out, pointlessly.
Cosmetics come out, on the PTR, 1 week after the character. It has been over 2 weeks.
All because they want views.

Well they aren’t getting my view!! I will see them when they hit the PTR!

Every time the PTR updates I rush to see his new skins and it still says 0/0

Are they really doing a scheduled stream to have some concept artists reveal just one cosmetic skin? What’s the stream supposed to be about? I don’t really do the Twitter so I’m not on the up and up when it come to these things.

Sounds like a boring and pointless stream tbh!


It is a “live drawing”.
So watching the concept artist draw for a few hours, to get a look at a legendary skin, most likely :unamused:

… well.

Good for them, and the people who enjoy that kind of thing. I’m sure it will be great I enjoy drawing and painting but to watch other people do it bores me to tears. I’ll enjoy seeing the sneak peek when one of my YouTuber guys covers it, I guess.

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I’m a career artist and I might end up enjoying it a little, but the whole thing is just so cheap.
I guess I hope they show concept art of Hammond. That way we know what they passed up for… That…

looked far better than his default imo

for me junker skin should be default but ah well

Because when you set the bar high, ppl expect from you to meet expectations.

We went from fully released hero on PTR to items released on PTR later and no interactions to nothing being released on the PTR.