Why even bother. Why bring it in?

Why even bother? You bring it in and then you hear complaints from those who are only affected by it which is a few specifically Mccree mains. It didn’t even live long and now it’s gone. How about stop it because you don’t have the guts to back your own concepts up. You cater to this crowd and this is why your game is built for players who don’t like challenges unless it fits their agenda.

When it comes to pvp this company always caters to players who dislike challenges even when it’s not overall bad. Look if you’re going to remove cool concepts this fast then do us all a favor and never bring it into public. It just kills the fun factor in everything which is this company’s specialty. It’s like this company loves negative feedback more than positive.

Strange isn’t it?


Nobody should be able to escape Junkrats trap and I stand by that!


Unless they have the ability to do so and not many heroes can do that anyway.

Yet people always got mad because they used to never revert anything. Gotta love the lose-lose situations.


That’s why it’s on the PTR. They reverted it because the Player Test didn’t go well.


Why can’t you people realize how nonsensical the buff was in the first place is the real question?


Moira doesn’t need to be more forgiving, and then in turn become more viable at the low ranks. She needs a higher skill ceiling, to then be more viable at the high ranks.


Maybe it was an on the fence decision.
Maybe they put it on PTR so that players can voice their opinions on it.
Maybe they decided to pull it because people voiced that it wasnt what she needed
Maybe they have more ideas

Maybe you just arent giving them a chance dude.


ur right, they cater to people who dislike challenges (moira mains are a good example of that) since she is the easiest hero by far to play :smiley:

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Yeah it didn’t go well because it affected them not be able to kill the hero. Yeah pvp life if they can’t kill it. They complain…go figure.

Depends on what they’re reverting though. These are one of the situations where it shouldn’t be reverted, but it always seems to be reverted when something becomes difficult to kill for certain “dps heroes”

They’re weak. Weak!

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It wasn’t really the feedback, they realized Fade had no counterplay and didn’t like that

Or they wanted to test the idea of it before it went live incase it was overpowered.
It was so they removed it. TEST REALM meant for test things out to see their impact.

But nonono they LOVE to hear negative feedback and feed off of it just like you said. You are totally right and not wrong at all. They would rather never test an idea to see if it worth it too. All of this is so true without a shadow of a doubt.

Seriously man if you can’t accept a PTR for what it is ( hint: it’s name gives it away) then I also don’t expect you to understand that your post is completely ridiculous.

Alright so why should it not be reverted? What are your reasons for defending it?

No. They realized “I couldn’t kill the hero so let’s remove it”. They need to stop bringing in concepts knowing it’s going to get removed. Hardly even last for awhile.

Overpower to whom exactly? Symmetra? Sombra? Bastion? The heroes who can’t stun??? Yeah must be overpowered to heroes who can’t stun. The irony.

Let me get this clear? You think fade being able to get out of any stun was not OP?
Just for the record this is what you are saying?
It was fine?
Just want to make sure.


Is this going to be the new “oNlY tRaCeR aNd gEnJi mAiNs cOmPlAiNeD aBoUt bRiG”?

A lot of people thought it was a bad idea.

Self reflection will do Moira/Brig/Mercy players well.

As to the question why they bothered? Because they obviously want to buff her, this particular buff many players and they agreed wasn’t the way to go. Sit tight until they come up with something else.

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Of course it was fine it should be able to negate a successful Ultimate from Rein.

This could be true but then again how many times have they released changes from ptr to live when they were beyond broken?

We can only hope they are turning over a new leave and listening to the few people left who still play this game.

Oh how I hope I’m hearing sarcasm in this.

If you want my honest opinion Fade and Wraith form should counter stuns period. It makes sense, but this is Weakwatch. It won’t make sense if it counters stun heroes specifically Mccree mains. Always the dps heroes.

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