Why don't we go back to the first MM system?


Then get out of my thread. I’m proving a point here.


2 orisa 2 bastion 2 baptiste


More bunker material?

Ring ring… hold on I gotta take this call.

Oh hi Sombra! Is your EMP ready? Goooooooooooooood.


2 sigma 2 reaper 2 mercy


Oh yeah, go two doomfists. Great team comp. Totally won’t be useless.


Sombra for Sigma, because she can disable shields. It’s also been confirmed:

Tracer for Reaper, because of Reaper’s moderate hit box, and it requires him to be close to her with well placed shots.

Winston can get both Sigma and Mercy, because he’s dive material… but countered by Reaper…

Hmm… I’d say go Ana, to prevent healing, and nano boost either Winston, or Tracer.


I’m allowed to voice my displeasure at your suggestion and why. I don’t only have to bring up points that are convenient for your argument.

No Limits is very unfun to play into even if there is available counterplay to any particular comp.

The reason that it’s barely in the arcade is because it has a low population. And it has a low population because it isn’t fun. Unlike some of the other modes whose rulesets make them frustrating to play, there isn’t any tweaks the devs can make to it that wouldn’t totally destroy most of what gives this game mode any of the luster it currently does possess. This isn’t like low gravity or capture the flag where some small tweaks could be made to make those modes rulesets more enjoyable to the overall playerbase.

No hero limits was one of the most celebrated game changes the devs ever made. And it was fantastic not just for the overall balance of that game, but also in keeping this game fun.


Orisa DVa Mei Sym Moira Moira


Which makes your “voice of displeasure” a rather pathetic one, because it doesn’t display relevancy to my topic. Heck I can call it a troll post and say you’re QQ’ing at the thought, because, oh joy, its “unfun”, while the game as a whole is already unfun.

Well, look at what’s available to play in today’s QP. Oh that’s right…
You can’t play them, because you choose a role, restricting most heroes.
Ergo, you can’t counter properly. Sure, you can switch up heroes within a certain role, but that really becomes a roll of the dice, because your enemy can do the same thing.

The same goes with most other modes. Like CTF, TDM, and Mirror matches.
The most popular one is Total Mayhem.

So… you say its unfun, but you include this in your post?

Which, right now in QP, there could be A LOT more.


Considering you’re asking for a change to QP, it is relevant. You not agreeing with it doesn’t make it pathetic or off-topic. Sorry not sorry that not everyone agrees on you about what is fun and good for the game.

I personally think role lock has made the game more fun than it has been in ages.

Your enemy will always be able to do the same as you with any of the rulesets. You can swap to counter within your role in most scenarios.

The most popular is Mystery Heroes, which is permanent. People would rather roll the dice than play No Limits in straightforward way. Constantly facing off against stacks of the same hero just isn’t fun to many people.

Obvious missed word error is obvious. Removal should be there.

No Limits would make the balance harder.


Total amount of comps is different from total viable comps. Lacks of limits allows players to simply use more of whatever is most effective reducing the overall viability of most heroes. Less limits on options makes for more permutations which leads to more chance for something to be brokenly strong. It’s an issue with many games. Players will optimize the fun out of a game and take the easiest path. No limits gives them more chance to do so.

I am talking in general here. No limits leads to players just using multiple of whatever is strong reducing the viable hero pool. This is common in many games with choice of characters, units, upgrade paths, etc. If you can use multiple of the same thing, and one choice is near optimal, then players will simply use multiple of that choice.

Yes just quote me out of context and ignore how I was pointing out that the more options actually leads to less viable ones. You are completely missing the point. Number of options =/= number of viable options. Increasing number of options increases chance of one option being too strong and reduces the viability of other options. This is why no limits generally lead to multiple of the same character being used. Winston landing on someone is 50 damage, two of them doing so is 100 damage, that ability for both tanks to leap on someone made double winston huge. But even without hero limits people started stacking roles. Tanks and healers in this game can do decent damage, so rather then run dps heroes we had multple instances of dropping them and just running more healers and tanks as they offered more sustain. Why run dps when you can simply sustain, maintain point presence and deal good damage without them? People will figure out what is strongest and abuse that strength. No limits simply allows them to do that even more.

Re-read that. I’m saying people will use whatever is strongest. I’m not saying “I’m getting abused” I’m saying the community will figure out whatever is the most consistent heroes to win and simply use those heroes over everything else. It happens both with and without limits, but limits reduce the ability to use one thing to the exclusion of all else.

Once again number of comps =/= number of viable comps. Reducing limits increases number of comps, but that increases the ability of players to double down on what’s best reducing overall viability of everything else. Increasing the number of options often leads to reducing number of viable options.


Only if the double bunker team is completely stupid. You don’t set up 2 Orisa/2 Bastion/2 Moira as one single bunker. You set it up as 2 separate units. In line of sight of each other and thus able to support and defend each other, but out of EMP range of each other.

Sombra can only EMP one of the fixed locations. And then her team dies to the other Bastian and Orisa when they try to move on the EMP’d units.


A good example of what you are saying is the very first meta of comp. The most meta composition only featured 3 heroes.

2 Winston, 2 Lucio, 2 Tracer.

The introduction of the 1 hero limit instantly doubled the number of heroes in the most meta comp. It went from 3 to 6.


Your post was pretty incomprehensible, you should probably rewrite it.


It nearly forces 2-2-2. You’re joking right? DPS players have to wait over five minutes for one game…

When its supposed to be QUICKplay.

The “everyone” you’re pointing at is either a troll or somebody who is whining for a change to a hero (Symmetra for instance) because they don’t know how to counter properly. Implementing no limits within role queue QP would actually bring some balance because more availability becomes open.

Even if you were to face two of the same hero, there is an easy solution to that. Two of the counters. Role queue is designed to prevent hero stacking already.

Doesn’t always work, because if you’re a support hero that is dishing out a decent HPS that needs to switch because of one hero, then your team isn’t doing their job. That, and they’ll be minus one dependable support.

Due to availability. If Total Mayhem was up longer, I have a feeling it would beat Mystery Heroes:

What actually could be theorized is if Mystery Heroes is actually more balanced than the current QP. That would be hilarious.


I read the op and that’s the only thing that seems to fit as answer.


You see what I mean, Venus?

This guy is the third one.


Mystery Heroes proves you demonstrably wrong, though. Just because “no mods, no masters” is fun for you because you can pick whatever your main is regardless of the team comp, doesn’t mean that 4 Orisa barrier hell is fun to play into.


No. I am not joking. I may have to wait longer for the games, but they are higher quality. 100%. Quality matters more to me than quantity. I just play on my phone between matches.

Nope. Not even remotely true. A LOT of people like things as they are because they are enjoying the quality of their matches. You can look all over these forums and see people happy about the changes.

There is ofc a lot of people who like this change. The devs wouldn’t have done it if a lot of people hadn’t wanted it.

True of all counterplay strategies.

Nope. Devs have stated that the frequency of the game modes changes how often they appear. They made Mystery Heroes permanent because it was by far the most played.

Quickplay gets more players than any arcade mode. If that were to change, devs would do something about QP.

Right now we have zero reason to believe that is the case.


Stopped reading there, because role queue is designed to prevent hero stacking.

Mystery Heroes is irrelevant to my topic.