Why don't Torb speak Swedish?


He never said Mercy speaks Swedish.


Missed that, whoops.


You should read more carefully next time. :slight_smile: I said Rein, Torb and Hanzo don’t speak their respective languages (German, Swedish and Japanese), so that’s why they tried to redeem themselves with Mercy, Brigitte and Genji (who speak German, Swedish and Japanese respectively).


Also Pharah doesn’t speak Egyptian but her mother does. Sombra does. Doomfist & Orisa don’t. Torb doesn’t. Widowmaker & Zarya do. Symmetra just had a ton of lines in her language added! :smiley: Mei, Mercy, & D.Va do. And Brigitte does thankfully. Even Moira does. Lucio & Rein don’t. The rest are australian, British or American I think. They added weird Australian slang to the aussies so i guess that counts haha.

Unfortunately, it seems they may have learned their lesson, but it’s too late for Lucio, Reinhardt & Pharah because I bet none of them can speak those languages. Though it would be awesome if the voice actors could work w/ someone who is fluent in those languages and a native to just record a handful of lines. It adds depth and spice to the game to me personally. Lucio especially bothers me because his story is all about the Favelas and stuff. :frowning:


Yeah, I wanna hear Torb yell “Smält kärna!”


But, after I think about it, since they are living in the future It would be correct for them NOT to speak their language of origin. The world now is changing, less people are speaking their native language. It’s a harsh but somehow correct. But still, back to the point, Torbjorn screaming “Smält kärna!” would be cool

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Actually, we are planning to add some Portuguese voice lines for Lúcio in the future!

Why doesn't Reaper have any Spanish line?

Will Jonny be the one delivering them by chance?


When can we expect some lore for Zenyatta?


Uhhhh ‘Egyptian’ isn’t really a language (anymore at least).

Ana speaks some Arabic so if Pharah were to follow suit, she too would speak Arabic.


but why dont most heroes speak in their native language when playing in german n stuff

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Alright as a Brazilian I’m extremely pumped! Thanks, Michael! <3


Same reason Hanzo’s VA doesn’t speak Japanese, the VA’sndont know their native language for their characters.
Not all Characters can be Fluent in their characters Natove language like Sombra’s or Genji’s


Wooo! Thanks Michael!


i cant believe game devs arent exempt from the 20 character limit youd think they would be


Awesome! I can’t wait. :smile:


FINALLY! Yes c: I wanted this since forever!


Thank you! His brazilian VA is also great. Glad you guys are giving him a chance to show up in the original game