Why don't throwers get auto banned?

Seems like it should be pretty easy for the game to figure out someone is throwing, right? Why aren’t throwers just automatically banned and the match doesn’t count for SR?

Who gets to decide who is throwing and who isn’t, and once that line is drawn, anything above that line to throw is no longer punishable?


Not easy to know automatically who is throwing. That is what the report function is for.

Throwers are used to help fix matches, if they banned them the matchmaker would have a harder time tying to keep your win rate around 50%.

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Banning blatant throwers automatically (if it were possible) would just result in them playing in such a way that’s not blatant but still throwing.

You realise that this is the same company that had a literal bot issue in ow1 right? Like non human controlled players in matches to Farm ranked ready accounts and some even played in ranked I assume to derank. It took them a while to fix that, you really think they can detect someone throwing?