Why don't more people play soldier?


I don’t think soldier is under-powered. I actually think he is in a perfect spot right now. He does the most reliable damage out of all the dps imo yet his overall pickrate is middle of the pack while his winnrate is top 2 or 3 among most tiers of comp. To me, he is the easiest dps to play and is the go to fallback in those games where dps is doing nothing.

I guess my main question is, why do bad dps players keep playing hard dps characters like genji or tracer when they can play soldier and get way more value?


It comes down to people wanting the “cool” thing.
I for one love going soldier he holds a lot of value in terms of high ground pressure plus self sustain.
I can drop my healing in the middle of a team fight to take some of the edge off of my healers as well as give my tanks a bit more resilience.

But gengi and tracer see more OWL time so it can’t possibly be meta for soldier since people lately have been saying why do you pick him he is not metal in OWL. (Sarcasm)


I know I don’t play him because my tracking is trash. I can play Genji and McCree though, so it just comes down to what you’re good with. But like the other guy said, it comes down to what is the “cool” hero, and which pro player they pretend to be.


Ya I agree some people have better aiming on certain hero’s and soldier is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The reasoning behind why i feel so many people have a basic idea of how to use him is because he is the one you play with in the tutorial and the bridge character from other fps to OW to give people a level of comfort. But he is so strong with a bit of patience and positioning.


Because he is boring.

Also…shield spam. Flankers are easier when there is shield spam.


literally 1 of the 2 dps characters that are in top 10 in the game


As a primarily soldier player. You basically die getting on the point especially if tanks are on it. Genji and tracer can contest. You are generally more reliant on your team to actually do their jobs.


what does this have to do with anything I just posted lol


Er… I’m a bit dyslexic, but I’m sure the list that you present doesn’t include Soldier from Diamond and above? I may be misreading?


78% of players (23.4 million out of 30 players) are in silver to plat. Where soldier is top 10 pick in the entire game as of March 1st.


Ok, but he’s not played in diamond and above?

What ELO is the OP? I can’t seem to figure out how to view a profile properly with these new forums…


Hes not ranked at all.

edit: hes barely diamond, so most of his games should be 50-70% plat players still, where Soldier is top 10.


In what rank?

Are you talking about QP or Comp here?


Got you.

Just trying to get the OPs viewpoint


tracer/genji is more mobile


That was for comp… Jeff Kaplan posted those numbers, not me.


Not arguing. Just trying to get where the OP is coming from…



as well with better support to heal them while they dive.


Tracer and Genji have a higher survivability and can get more done on their own as far as I’m aware.

Also Genji is a ton of fun, but that might be besides the point…


I LOVE Soldier, and I used to play him a lot. I still try sometimes but above Masters he isn’t even in the top 10. He doesn’t work well enough against
these two flankers everyone loves so much, Genjji + Tracer. He has to either switch to a Genji or Tracer or go McCree, because he at least has a flashbang. Soldier is the type of hero that does a lot of thing “ok” but he isn’t great at anything. So he’s not a good pick.