Why doesn't Overwatch have a loss prevented system?

I can tell you without a doubt it was noticable today.

I don’t believe any of it even if it’s half true. Why should I believe in blizzard despite how fun their games are? Just because the cake taste too good doesn’t mean it will affect my stomach later.

Shutting down the queue doesn’t cheat anyone out of their win. And let me tell you, I don’t want to be anywhere near competitive if there’s a chance I’ll get disconnected.

Also, honestly, being cheated out of a win due to server issues is not half as bad as being forced to disconnect and take a leave+loss.

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What happened earlier today a network provider had a node drop for just a moment, enough to kick multiple players, but not the entire community playing at that time. Last weekend, a major ISP in the Northeast US had a routing issue with all of Blizzard games.

Both of these issues, Blizzard can’t control but only monitor, and both of these issues don’t affect everybody.

This is why the starting penalty is small, a ten minute suspension.

Yeah, a ten minute suspension and an SR loss equivalent to losing two games back to back.

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I mean Im not saying its their fault but it effects their servers so why not shut down competitive in the meantume? I dont see how if its their fault or not changes the solution.

No one is suggesting that wins be denied. But people should not have to lose SR from the connection issues of others and rage quitters.

We should at least have the option to Surrender when your team is shorthanded to save some SR, or at least time.