Why does the easiest hero in the game have no counter?


dash does 50 damage not 75, shurikens are projectiles which is why they have no falloff, deflect was recently nerf/fixed, and he has never been the most used dps ever at any rank. in owl he sees similar playtimes to soldier sombra junkrat, he is a 3star difficulty on hero stats, and his combo is-
left shuriken(28) dash(50) melee(30) fan shuriken(28-84). Without any headshots he cannot kill any squishy in under 5 seconds at close range. when genji dives tanks can peel(winston jump+punch 80) dva booster and punch(60) and obviously the dived target gets healed.


OP’s KDA as Genji? 1.41

I’m very surprised.


yes i play moira but mostly bcuz ppl like you selfish dps mains that refuse to leave the idea that can carry…but no even with your broken genji cant carry. And yeah its a fix on genji…but for what i have see on forums for last year everytime ppl say fix genji main cry and say no if you touch genji he will be useless…you just need to look for it.


Because i main dps i am selfish?
i usually pick dps first and people just go with it since thats what i main and is what im best at. it would be throwing if i decided to start filling at my rank because i dont player other heroes to the level of my rank.
and genji is not broken and i do carry with him sometimes, which is why i over 1000 sr above you with 400 levels less.
and no i have yet to see anyone complain about deflect hitbox size.


Wait wait wait. You guys are saying that like this game has hardcounters for every hero except Genji. Well, lets ttheorycraft a little: Dive counters Cree but he can stun and kill every dive hero instead, Junk counters shields but every tank can kill junk 1v1. Almost every support has something to deal with any flanker. The only hard counters in this game are phara vs reaper and sym and bastion vs monkey. Neither of them is high skill high reward hero so its pretty fair. So why should Genji, who has highest skillcealing in the game, get hardcountered by moira, who dont has to aim, has ridiculously long beam, two ways of healing herself (while every other healer in the game has only one) and the orbs with great amount of damage? Or by baguetta who has to simply shielddash EVERY dive hero to get a guaranteed kill? The only way genji can kill her is to use dragonblade while her dash is on cooldown. Is that any fair or balanced? Haha, nope.


i won 1 vs 1 masters on the arcade… that mean am better than then? rank dont mean crap…for sure you 1 of the ppl who say “you just a gold or plat player” and for that you just validating my point, ppl like you that is so use to a broken ability will never see it.

and i already check PTR and still broke. How can you say is not broke when you shot him and he is not even seen you and he deflect. LOL


Mei… Yes she can… To what end? He just dashes.

She isn’t a counter. You are not going to freeze genji


are you clueless?
in the history of overwatch, there are only 2 characters that have been known to boost people to above their skill level. those 2 characters were OLD mercy(one with res and inflated pbsr) and CURRENT moira, not to the extent of old mercy though. You main moira in gold and you are silver portrait. genji is only 1/3 of my playtime i play tracer mccree and widow(all heroes that stress on aim and positioning but not much with ult). genji deflect is on a cooldown, why not just not shoot at it? you can bait genji deflect many ways and even if you shoot into it, is it garenteed he is aiming at your head with 100% accuracy? you still need to aim it


Yep. Anyone who understands the game agrees with the pros but… OP with gold border gold rank. Nuff said.


why “mister i can carry” with genji just wait till moira use the orb and attack her and kill her with all your broken kit? oh yeah you are so use to kill some1 and use dash reset to run to your safe spot…you are just validating my point by keep coming back here.


even if moira has no orbs she can fade away if i use dash on her. and not every fight is a 1v1. if it is 1v1 then genji will beat most people ya, he is a flanker, he is designed to win 1v1s in short burst times. if i misuse my dash or delfect im dead…
have you tried playing genji in a competitive experiance?
if you see a moira(your main) this is how it usually plays out. I left click dash you for 28+50 dmg. than i melee for 30 dmg. 108 dmg so far. i will then use my deflect. if you orb, great i win, if you dont, you suck me to 0 health in 4 seconds and you regain back half of the damage i did. i cant runaway because i used dash and you probably have teamates since genji is used to flank into the enemy. Is genji still op?


still dont understand why you keep saying moira is my main…i am use to what the team need and bcuz i get ppl like you or so many ego dps mains that are auto locking their genjis, tracers etc. that is the reason why i play her…and pls dont make me describe how genji attack gona be shameful…wait lets do it: 1 spam shurikens till get some damage 2. attack with double jump spaming right click 3 defelct 4. dash 5. dash reset to a safe spot even if you get only 10 points of the kill. cmon men pls stop trying to make a case for him we all know how genji works, stop validating my point. i think am gona let this here. cya.


Post a video of you playing Genji making him look “easy”.

No? Didn’t think so.


and your saying this from all the experience of playing 0 seconds of genji in comp and QP, and from what I can see you don’t even have a second of gameplay on winston, so unless this is a moira 1 trick alt and ur actually in higher tier of play where you actually see genji’s take winston 1v1’s from a safe distance, I can’t really take your argument seriously


and also a well placed torb turret can be a detriment to tracer and genji gameplay if they don’t deal with it quickly, I find that when I try to ult as genji with a torb on the other team, I die more often where the turret will be in the back ticking you for like 24ish hp a second while your trying to deal massive damage against the team, and torb turret can basically warn you and your team that a tracer is trying to go for a long flank, also I think the deflect change is justified but annoying because widows can shoot him in the head now when deflecting, genji has no defensive abilities other than deflect to protect themselves and thats been nerfed (its justified) and when ur also in the middle of the enemy team with a turret ticking away at you, you will notice your health disappears fast especially your team does not dive with you, :open_mouth: making genji’s kit thats seems very forgiving and it begins to look like the kit works against itself, especially, when you are trying to deal massive amounts of damage, but then you get low on health so you deflect for 2 seconds to allow you to get healed and protect yourself, now you only have 4 seconds of blade left, the healers would have backed off to a safer position the dps are further away now, so now you dash your last escape is down, the only way to be effective now is deal damage, but you have lost your escape and your 2 seconds of somewhat invincibility, and if you don’t dash you probably dash back to your team you used an ult for 0 gains for your team and probably fed support ults on the other team, if the enemy has a torb and a monkey it can get very annoying to try and play genji if you don’t play well and play well with your team, genji in many scenarios could and should be played with your team to get the most out of him and his ult


How is it 1 trick if I also play Brigitte and D.Va? And when I exclusively play Genji and Doomfist in FFA? I play a lot of custom games as well. Maths will tell you that the 20 or so hours I played in QP/Comp cannot add up to level 70.
My mains are Zarya and Widowmaker, but I have a few hours on Genji. It’s really not hard to take down Winston in a 1v1. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible or difficult with the right skill. There are also many Genji videos telling you how to fight Winston and come out on top.

You don’t have a counterargument to present aside from “i dont believe u u moira 1 otp”

Higher than your SR? Gold? Maybe it won’t happen much in gold but around diamond and higher levels of play (upwards to Masters and GMs), and even in typical FFA matches, Winston doesn’t always beat Genji and Genji can beat Winston.


well sorry looking at players profiles only show qp hours and the current season of comp for the modes to see player’s time played
sorry for being toxic:disappointed_relieved:


I can show you my in-game profile if you want.

And this is my main account:

No worries though, again, I have experience as Genji against Winston. It’s not impossible, and Winston won’t win 100% of the time, which is why I don’t consider him a hard counter to Genji. Soft counter, sure, but not hard.


Pros- Genji is a hard hero

Some random forum crier: GENGU IS EASY PLZ NERF!!!’


but as I was saying you can’t look further into people’s hours on the blizz website further than just QP and current comp season, so I see is alot of moira and not much else, look at my profile you will see I have played since like season 3 it only shows QP and current comp season, which makes the overwatch website unreliable to say if someone has the right to say something or not