Why does Symmetra average 55% winratio?


And yet have a pickrate of 0.7%? I mean I’ve tried her, she is kinda fun to spam orbs with and cheese with turrets, but she doesn’t seem to be especially good otherwise… Is it because only hipsters that are highly skilled in her play her?


This is an average taken of millions of players, the ones with public profiles (private profiles don’t count for these websites) so yeah, if you count only the “brave” Sym players that have public profiles, you get a lot of factors :

  • Those players are smart enough to use her only when she is effective
  • Most low level / ranked Sym players have private profiles
  • You find a lot of people that is not used to counter her so even its easy to do it, she can have devastating impact to those who dont.
  • She is niche but not specially OP even in ideal circumstances.

Thats my take, thats why the WR is so “even”. She is good but generally, like any other niche hero, you would do better on average, with a different hero doing the same functions/role.


I always like to compare Symmetra in OW to Medivh in Heroes of the Storm. Both are heroes with a very low pickrate, and considered trash or f-tier by the majority of the playerbase, yet in the hands of a player who is very skilled with these particular heroes, they become almost godlike. This is why I always maintain that buffing Symmetra would have to be done very slowly and in tiny little increments, because she is an absolute nightmare in the right hands now, so I don’t even want to think of what she’d be like with any substantial buffs.


Because winrate or pickrate have nothing to do with how good or op a hero is. If every winston got their dream character, but sucked aiming with him, that would mean a hero with a big pickrate and low winrate. Now if every widow main got a new hero who was aim intensive, that would mean a big pickrate and a high winrate. Pickrate and winrate are highly circumstantial.

Not to mention the pool the stats are selected from is small and outdated.


Sym is strong on certain maps (like Hanamura) so if Team A has a Sym, but Team B doesn’t it makes Team B’s attack so much harder as Sym is great at locking down areas of the map.


Sym 3.0’s stats are actually vastly inferior to the prior version of sym of which 3.0 was supposed to be an improvement on. Most of her kit isn’t functioning as stated by Blizzard and is riddled with inconsistencies and poor design. Symmetra 3.0 is largely even still having a positive winrate because of her autonomous turrets carrying this version.


because she is “niche” and only picked when she’s effective

the higher the pickrate the closer to 50% it should get since at 100% pickrate (or 16,7%) means you always have one on both sides so always 50% win (well except for the draws)