Why Does Sym still has (3rd or) 4th longest time to kill?!?

And where’s your data.

If you read the rest of my comment, you will see my point there.

I’m a Mei main, I am WELL aware of Heroes which are strong, and have no pick rates.

Sym means you gotta think AND have good tracking, AND have good projectile prediction and a lot of players are NOT up for that.

Mei is the same, you have to think with Mei, AND hit those right clicks.

If she was all tracking, she would have more players. If she was all thinking, she would have more players, if she was all Projectile, she would have more players

But you gotta do it all with her, and that limits the player base that she has.

There isn’t a single skill in the game where you can skimp on it with her - she uses them all.

You would have to destroy her to give her a pick rate.

Beyond the 6th month tab on Overbuff.

She’s always been niche, and the fact that you proclaim she has a higher winrate is being ignorant of the fact that she’s always held a skewed winrate (due to being niche).

So her current winrate is irrelevent because it’s always been that high.

6 months ago her winrate was 55%.

3 months ago her winrate was 55%.

This month her winrate is 56%.

This week her winrate is 56%.

With the probing of bunker comps, she’s probably being tested which is increasing her pickrate (which has gone up albeit slightly). Thus there is no doubt, between this month and 3 months ago her pickrate and winrate has gone up because of the testing of Bunker Comps, much like how Orisa’s winrate and pickrate has skyrocketed. But Sym still has fundamental problems, or else she’d be seeing a bigger rise.

There is nothing new, she still sucks.


Then leave her to me! I’ll be happy to take the wins.

I’m ok with thinking, tracking and projectile play.

I don’t get to play her much, because she is the cornerstone of our scrim team, and we already have a sym :confused:

I love playing her when I get the chance :slight_smile:

Those tabs are telling you her average over the entire time frame not her stats at those specific times.

I saw it, and I ignored it because it’s that exact same excuse I see all the time for Bastion, and any F-tier hero. “They aren’t fun” “people don’t find them fun” of which you have 0 evidence to back up that claim.

You’re implying because they are underpicked that people somehow dislike playing them, which is an unsubstantiated claim because SEVERAL past F-tier heros have rose out of F-tier.

Hanzo, Junkrat, DF, Widow, all have had their pickrates increase.

Now sure, Widow takes a lot of practice, and thus she is picked for her practice regardless of her state in the balance hierarchy.

Junkrat as well as Hanzo, both had a period that they were OP in, and thus people were certainly picking them for their carry potential, but regardless they have not fallen back down after loosing their carry potential. Junkrat is also taking a hard hit to his kit fundamentals.

Second of all, with your logic Pharah falling to D-tier would be because people dislike playing her, or are even getting old of her. But there is substantial data that shows she has fallen due to both the power creep and her failed rebalance.

So you need to stop this speculation until you actually find or make a poll that asks a respectable portion of the OW community on whether they play heros for fun, carry potental (aka meta chasers), or any other reason.

And if I main Bastion and say that he’s there in F-tier because he is underpowered, we have clashing perspectives.

That is BS.





So this is a flat out lie until you bring any relevant proof that backs your claim.


No, that is because she is under powered.

People will play heroes which win them games, but, they won’t play heroes which force them to go against their natural skillset.

McCree for instance, has a GREAT pick rate, given his dismal win rate.

The issue is, like Mei, Sym requires a lot of different skills from the player.

Any time someone is bad with one of those skills, Sym isn’t going to work for them - so they don’t play her.

How many people are on BOTH lists of Tracking and Projectile, and are thinking heavy?

Wait, there are NONE on both lists (which is a damn good way of showing my point, thanks!), and we put another restriction on top of that.

She requires a lot of different skills, SOOOOOO.

If you want her to be popular, you would have to reduce the skill set she needs, and still do something enjoyable which is different from current heroes.

Look at all the historically popular heroes, They GREATLY focused one skill, over others.

They fixed her tickrate last December.

She needs complete rework from the ground up again.

She has significant flaws in her kit:

  1. Inconsistent damage - either because of projectiles easily dodged, turrets easily killed or primary that requires charge time.
  2. No survivabilty - 200 hp that requires close range to fight effectively.
  3. No mobility - TP requires setup time, it’s slow and clunky.
  4. Ultimate that doesn’t help her deal damage.
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Her lock-on would solve all her problems to do with survivability. She is literally defenceless in 1v1 against DPS who she used to dominate. From support to DPS and now she can’t do her job properly…

yes, wouldn’t make sense to give her zarya levels of beam when she is a hero that’s mostly played for the kit

torb also has a bad primary fire, imagine if they gave him a hanzo primary fire, that would just make him insane

Wake up to see what’s going on,… and see people using the lame excuses all over again.

Her high win rate exist is because no one picks her.

Or they pick her and switch immediately because they picked wrong Hero.

That’s why her win rate is so high.

Also don’t use win rates as data, that data already proven useless.


Hmm, Syms TTK on this is a tiny bit odd. I assume to get the fastest TTK you just used her right clicks?

I think the fastest way at 5 meters would be to unleash one fully charged orb, partially charge a secondary orb to about half damage and then hold left click while it’s in transit to finish the remaining ~20hp?

I guess her TTK can seem much higher in theory than we might be concerned about on the battlefield.

For example, Sym could charge a right click before she goes around a corner to knock off 900ms of time that she is vulnerable to return fire - If we count the TTK from the moment she goes around the corner rather than the moment she starts charging then it can seem somewhat more reasonable.

Sym is also a totally different fight depending on if she’s gotten time to set up because already setup turrets can easily bring her TTK way way down.

If she has to be carried to increase her TTK, then that’s another different problem



Yes, that solves everything thanks you, why didn’t I think that 385 days ago.

(Very heavy Sarcasm)

It’s the truth.

Symmetra didn’t have a problem until people had to suddenly learn to aim.


That’s when EVERYONE said she needed a rework the first time.

Now sym mains got so used to getting reworked and buffed 3 times in a row, it’s not enough.

And all I asked for was a 10% damage increase to sombra

Forgive me for not shedding a tear for Sym mains.

For you they don’t. I have no problem doing massive amounts of damage as Sym. Keep practicing.

Photon barrier 2.0 was perfect for her kit now. Would help with survivability and can send that
Forward and ur turrets protecting them too