Why does overwatch hate razer synapse?

The game wont even launch bruh

Will they fix this?

pls lemme know

It’s actually an old Synapse version that has problems with Overwatch. Check the Known Issues thread at the top of this forum, there is a post on there explaining how to fix it.

Hello! I have the latest , newest razer synapse 3 and its still doing that.
I tried to follow the steps but no use.

So technically i must get rid of razer gear to play?

that is kinda rude.

Nope, just need a different version. Please add your DxDiag so we can see what’s going on.

Because Razer Synapse hates Razer Synapse.Insane bloatware stuff.Sadly Razer stuff cant work to their full potential without it.


Looks like your GPU is being used by Ethereum mining software (NanoX crashed 9 times in the report), which is probably contributing to, or solely causing, your issue.

NanoX is a software [Mod for FiveM [gta 5 ]] that i made.
it does not use any type of miners :confused:

edit: it says it crashed 9 times cause i didnt code it to close properly after im done using it.


BeamNG.drive.x64.ui.exe is the only other error in your report.

There are 0 errors related to Overwatch in this DxDiag, so this may be beyond the scope of what’s supported here on the forum.

  • Update your BiOS/related drivers.
  • Check your Windows Reliability History monitor for errors.
  • Check the system logs in your Windows Event Viewer.
  • Check for overheating.

Uninstalling Razer synapse helped but i have razer gear and i need it

Bios is up to date
Windows is renewed recently
Overheating not a chance;

Are you using the new version they suggest in the pinned thread? It should work with Overwatch.

Welp that fixed it even tho i downloaded the same one;
idk wth XD