Why does Mauga have superior abilities to other tanks?

His cardiac overdrive is better than commanding shout, and is on a 2-second shorter cooldown. And that ability to increase health for her and her team is because she’s a brawler tank who can’t draw fire as well and has lower health.

His passive is superior to Junker Queen’s too. While she only heals, he gains overhealth, which means he can gain health above his maximum. Furthermore if he’s damaged, he can simultaneously be healed and gain overhealth, while adrenaline junkie can be negated by healing. Not to mention her passive only comes off of abilities and quick melee, while his comes off his primary weapon with insane sustain.

His overrun is insane. Only a 6-second cooldown, uninterruptible, and provides a dangerous stun. Reinhardt’s charge has a 1-second longer cooldown, way longer start up, and can easily be blocked or interrupted. I understand it can lead to a kill if it lands, but overrun’s utility is insane, both as a movement, escape, follow-up, and engagement tool. It has superior control to charge as well. How come Reinhardt is so easy to knock back? Mauga’s inability to be interrupted feels like Reinhardt’s old steadfast ability. I believe Reinhardt should have it too (on charge).

It also feels like adrenaline junkie and berserker should be switched. His health pool is already massive, not to mention the armor he has. Adrenaline Junkie should provide overhealth and berserker should provide healing.


He’s also like 5 times the size of JQ and doesn’t have a shield like Reinhardt.

I bet if there was a metric for damage taken/minute, Mauga would be like 2x everyone else.


Yeah that’s true. Though his armor and superior damage mitigating ability help with that immensely. Reinhardt’s charge just feels so weak by comparison. The slow start up makes it feel worse to use as well.

In previous seasons, maybe. In Season 9 though, having damage mitigation is strictly worse than having damage prevention, and a giant hit box means that not only is Mauga taking significantly more damage than JQ, he’s also got far higher of an uptime on the DPS debuff which means he’s way harder to heal up.

Mauga was dealt a rough hand with S9.


Mauga sucks this season. Junkerqueen on the other hand is actually quite decent.

To answer your question, mauga was designed by a hyperactive preteen, who thinks good hero design is just more of everything, literally: let’s give him two miniguns, let’s have one of them set enemies on FIRE, let’s make him the largest and easiest target to hit with a square shaped hitbox and let’s give him an ability that is fortify, charge and earth shatter all in one…


The way he sets you on fire every 3 seconds just pisses me off I hate the visual and audio clutter


Junker Queen is much smaller, is faster, and has burst damage, a pull, and a cleaving attack.

Rein’s charge does much more damage and is much easier to do that good damage with. It provides a potentially much longer stun and can even throw people off ledges with ease. Rein also has a barrier he can bring up when he ends his charge early which gives it flexibility.

Mauga’s abilities aren’t better, they’re different. On paper they sound better, in practice he’s hulk sized with no barrier.

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Sure he’s got slightly better abilities than other tanks.

He’s also one of the largest tanks in the game (with regards to his hitbox) and has no defensive abilities that prevent damage taken, so he drops like a rock under focused fire, especially if the opposing team has Zen or Ana.

Despite everything you say, JQ is doing okay in Season 9. Actually much better than OK which is a bit surprising. Meanwhile, Mauga sucks right now. And I’m actually OK with that.

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You’re looking at the abilities in a vacuum instead of considering how they fit with the rest of the kit.

Why are you cherrypick comparing skills to that of heroes without the weaknesses of Mauga.

He is a big target with no shield, unlike Rein and JQ.

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He was built for 6v6 by old team with Jeff. Nu tream doesn’t know how to adapt him to 5v5, so he is op or nope

He requires more brain power than players know how to use.

They want to charge in like rein and fire, but cant. They need to play slower and only rush in with advantage.

Mauga stills wins most 1v1 against tanks but hes awful against dps/supports

Because he works out bro.

Current Mauga is ironically one of the hardest to currently survive on the higher you go in rankings. This is mostly due to his absurd size, it’s honestly easy to hit his head critbox as well.