Why does everyone at Blizzard hate symmetra so much

sym 2.0 was the best hero in the hole game now she is really really hard to use i cant aim to save my live the amount of times i died cos i could not hit someone with 2hp now they are changing her beem again and making it smaller so it is even harder for ppl like me to hit anyone i dont understand why blizzard hates sym so much

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She is the most disliked and unlikeable fact.

However they changed her for what they thought was the better. IMO they should have reworked her and kept in support.

I think every time she is about to have her moment… the devs are like no no no we can’t have that. Which is understandable. Those positions are for the reapers am mccrees etc the fan favourites that sell stuff


I can’t imagine symmetra having any time to shine with the other dps mains been so popular i wish they would just give her some love for once but we all know that will never happen


Their 1 symmetra main likes her I assume why else would he have over 700 hours on her

i will never understand why they chose to rework a support hero into a DPS, when we already have twice as many DPS than supports… that alone lets me question a lot of things


You saw why, one step too far and she becomes utterly broken. She is not as bad as people make her out to be.

i would love to see her become a support again it would make me so happy


Cries in Sombra

I can’t heal through stupid ~WildPants

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Symmetra is far from broken

It’s the fact that people love to stack Sigma/ Orisa, and then leave their Sigma barrier out infront of the enemy.

I think there’s even a video of Dafran playing Sym, getting full charge off a Sigma barrier that isn’t doing anything, and him melting people to say that Sym is broken; even though the enemy team LET him get to full charge. The ran Doomfist, and Dafran had to swap off Sym because he couldn’t do anything as Sym against Doomfist.

This is the first, and literally ONLY way Sym will see any sort of play. New/ Bad Sigma players stacking with Orisa. Soon as people learn Sigma better, or run him with Zarya/ D.va more you’ll see a lot less Sym because she is still bad.

It’s the same problem with Sombra. She already sees 0 play in OWL with 2/2/2 BEFORE the nerfs that are on live, and she STILL got nerfed.

Meanwhile Doomfist has 5x Sym’s pickrate, and winrate almost the same level; or Hanzo is a must pick in Masters, GM, and OWL



Who are you talking about?

Yes it’s true. Blizz hates Sym. :frowning: Bring back Sym 2.0, please.

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Their live ops producer

Because they regret making her, along with DVA…

yur right. just don’t use shields 4head

Uhm… we talk about the 0% pickrate hero here? :thinking:

It’s not that deep, bud.

Bro you seen those legs? I reckon at least the 3d artists like her.

Nobody at blizzard hates symmetra. Stop spreading lies, like every symmetra worshipper here.

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Don’t use Sigma/ Orisa, and shoot your barriers into the enemy team and just leave them around?

Like wut