Why does blizzard keep rewarding low skill/sloppy gameplay - How to fix it all :)


Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and I had a lot of issues with 2CP, but this won’t fix it. The “anti snowball” respawn fix just allows for people to stagger and feed without being punished for it, just rewarding them for making mistakes. The whole bunker comp is anti fun/anti skill, that really hurts as a long time relitivley high elo player. It feels like I can spend hours and hours perfecting my mechanics on winston, my shield managment and shatter mind games on reinhardt, but it doesn’t matter because some player with less hours and who is objectivly worse at the game can just sit on high ground with bunker comp and spam m1 down choke, just use basic heals to pocket main damage source, and unless you get great ults off, its almost unbeatable induvidually, which is really tough when so many people in ranked don’t want to co-ordinate or foucs targets together.

I hope you understand my frustration with this, when I’ve put so many hours into this game. At least goats you could counter by just being a better player, using agression/backing out at the right times, with this it’s just if you’re in LOS of bunker you die faster than the half asleep zarya on your team can bubble you. I truly don’t understand why this game shifted away from dive to begin with, it was high skill and required co-ordinaton or could be carried by good induvidual play, and wasn’t as oppressive as goats or bunker as you could still play other heroes well and had a good shot a winning, especially on certain maps ( Kings Row Rein Meta, Illios well/Nepal Sanctuary Orisa meta ect)

I feel all this frustration as a Main Tank player, but i don’t even want to know how trash it must feel if you were a really nutty tracer ace or genji god, heroes that required skill and good mechanics to pull off, rather than holding m1 down a choke as bastion, playing a turret as torb and then using your op shotgun close range, placing turrets as sym, or just pressing one button to stun an opponet who has no outplay possible. Mcree flash was a good stun, as you could blink/bait it out well as it was a projectile, and encouraged mind games/ both players trying to outplay each other. This has all lead to people being at ranks they really don’t deserve to be becuase they exlusivly play really low skill heroes, brig, moria ect ect. To fix this, you would need to impliment a propper enforced 222 system, as much as it would limit certain comps, it would increse the longevitiy of the game and allow people to que into a game and get to play the role they are accually good at, and let them have 5 other teamates who play the correct roles to support that. Leauge of Ledgends did essentially this and made both ranked and pro play so much better. Furthermore, adding “competitive heroes” a roster of heroes for competivtive play, the fair and skilled heroes, maybe even have a rotation for who is in play in order to mix things up and stop one tricks from being just good at one hero and not being flexable.

Futhermore, if you enforced these changes, you would need a hard mmr and sr reset of ranked, and make people play 20 placment games instead of 10 to get a better sense of where there SR should be. In additon, you would have to improve quick play to appeal to the casual player more, in order to not just enforce what people can play. Have a “casual” mode, with all the heroes all the time, and some kind of skill indicator/rewards for playing it. This would mean less people would play “ranked/compettive” leading to a more serious and accually competivie experence for the players who want this. This method would appeal to both the purley compettive players and the casual occasional player that bizzard clearly wants to pander too as well. Please bilzz? I love this game, don’t keep doing this to me :frowning:


So first off i want to say: please format this a little. i read it but im sure most others wont since it is a wall of text.

secondly, while i think most of what you said isnt really new or original, i think this last part i totally agree on! i wish there was a bigger distinction for quickplay, something that helps keep casual and competitive players apart.

im a rather casual player myself, and i hate either having tryhards on my team that harass me, or tryhards on the enemy team that stomp me. so i agree having a clear casual mode, that still follows the true formula, would be great.

also agree that a SR reset could be a good thing. were so far into this games lifespan now, players have gotten so much better overall.

but i wont comment on the whole “skilled not skilled” aspect of the first part of your post since that doesnt concern me personally.


Knowing when to contest point A and when not to is definitely a skill that needed to be learned, but I disagree that it’s a necessary one in this specific case. I find it to be more of a design oversight that introduces counterintuitive gameplay and that the game will be better off without it. I haven’t had any meaningful experience with this change because, you know, ptr… but I feel like it will end up in a more enjoyable game. Complexity for the sake of complexity is not always good design.

As for the rest of the post I agree that bunker comps or otherwise any cheese comps are very annoying when they are meta. I feel like i’ve been doing nothing but shooting orisa shields lately.

This has been the gist of the game since launch though and a source of a lot of peoples frustrations. I remember this exact same topic over and over but with different characters that become objectively and irrefutably broken by both winrates and performance yet nothing gets done about it for months. I’m not saying you’re wrong to point it out, only that it doesn’t seem like it’s going away (unfortunately). Honestly, the answer to this:

is something you probably already can relate to. It’s that exact feeling of spending hours practicing your winston mechanics and being relegated to doing nothing but putting down orisa barriers for a bastion the whole game. You get that very distinct “So… practicing demanding characters is objectively less rewarding.” feeling. Sure people can argue about how characters are or aren’t harder than others all day long, but it really doesn’t do much to soothe that feeling that’s been repeatedly shoved on players since launch. :confused:


I fundamentally disagree with the 2CP Changes… it encourages feeding!
Not a fan!