Why do you nerf pharah?

She is not really flyable now, her jetpack is more like a glider to me. Maybe I dont play the game long enough (only 57 rank). But lets talk about it.

What are you saying? Pharah doesn’t need a nerf and I can’t see anyone else who is saying she does.

Unless, there is already a nerf coming that I am not aware of?

She just got buffed actually. She can pretty much indefinitely stay 20m+ off the ground

bruh and i thought i had no sr… 57 sr?

Rank not SR. He’s 57 levels into the game I think is what he is trying to say.


yh ik i was joking lol, thanks anyway haha

They didn’t though, they buffed her.

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im actually seeing pharah quite a bit in the games i play, she is scary and i play her quite a bit… i hate going against her since usually in my games everyone blames each other for not taking care of her


I thought this was a necro from like 3 years ago.

I think they are talking about the experimental change. I assume they think it will go live


To Op: That change won’t go live.

ehhh… I doubt it personally considering theyre talking about Pharah’s ability to fly, not her taking more damage while on the ground and less while in the air

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I don’t see where OP is asking to nerf Pharah, they are asking WHY was/is she nerfed.

5% less damage taken while in the air is a joke of a buff. That’s 6 less damage from a full charged Widow body shot of 120 damage.

Meanwhile she will now take 77 damage from a McCree body shot or 132 damage from a Widow while Pharah is on the ground.


That won’t go live.


Honestly you don’t know what will and what won’t at this point.

They’ve said these changes are only for tournament.

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we do, cause they said it in the patch notes

Still, my point stands, the “buff” is nothing and even IF they went live wouldn’t change Pharah any in high ranks. So in the end it’s only a buff to low rank Pharah and still a extreme small one at that.

This change WILL NOT make her played anymore than what she already was in OWL, which was almost never.

Yes there is a nerf coming. She will get 10% more damage while on the ground (but 5% less damage in the air). But she can`t fly for a long time actually.

Pharah is fine just hitscan is too powerful.

A buffed pharah would be living hell for plat or gold as the dreaded pharmercy would return the reason she isn’t good now is because of the hitscan dominance - mccree especially