Why do we need rotation?

What is the point? Someone please inform me.

Who came up with this idea?

We dont even have enough heroes to do this yet.

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It’s literally a seasonal test. If you have a problem with it affecting your SR don’t play this season

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but i am addicted and in love with this game. Why is there major change like this done to competitive without letting the players voice their concern first. This move really doesnt seem to benefit anything from many perspectives.

Players asked for this if you didn’t recall. Not only that but this is to shift the meta faster so we are able to keep to different metas. If you watched the developer updates and kept up with the developers on the forums you would understand more information that they provide.

Again, if this is a problem. There is no need to play competitive this season

I did not.

Telling people not to play their game for several weeks? I’m sure Blizzard will be thrilled with you…


It makes even less sense when you consider they added an Experimental card to test things like this but then didn’t use it to test hero pools!


That s what I am saying why add experimental when they gonna play this dumb rotation out of nowhere



They’re testing Hero Pools, but they’re testing it directly in Competitive instead of via the newly added Experimental card.

What’s the point of having an Experimental card if it’s not going to be used to test things like Hero Pools?


Can you find me the posts or threads showing this cuz I have not seen it

You have a whole forum search bar that can provide you with all the relevant threads

I believe there was a meeting at the board of directors for Overwatch League and it went like this…
“Jesus! CS:GO is killing us! What are we going to do?”
“I know, lets have role queue and then our players can’t play goats!”
“Great idea!”
A couple months later, “They’re still killing us, there has got to be something!”
“I know, lets take out the characters we think make the game the least exciting? You know the characters no one wants to play, but have the greatest impact?”
“You’re a genius.”

Now lets wait for a few months when they see this isn’t really going to help either and see what their plan is then.

You’re the one that made the claim.

The onus is on you to provide proof to back up your claim.

I did see the occasional player ask for player-selected hero bans.

I don’t recall seeing any players at all asking for developer-controlled hero bans.

I decided to check and all I found were suggestions on how to allow players to play their hero while they were banned, and comments on how bad it was going to be. The players did not request this, this was a decision made to increase the viewers on Overwatch League. I seriously think they believe people that don’t play the game will watch it, like a lot of people do CS:Go… the difference, it’s not a fun to watch.

You asked?

I asked for this and loving it so far.

really cuz from your profile you have no mention of this in your topics or your replies in the forums.

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You may wanna check again then…

I did. You clearly have many I want to get better posts but nothing I see that pertains to hero ban, rotation, etc. Correction: you wanted Hammond to get banned XD

I clearly remember talking about it more than once. I won’t waste my time to go through my own posts to prove myself though.