Why do we have to watch POTG?

for those who want to see it great, but please we should be able to choose to skip as well. why are we forced to watch this? I get that you put a lot of effort into this “cool” feature and you want everyone to appreciate it. We do really, now please give the option to skip it as well


You can just leave the match! You won’t get punished for leaving. But, if you want to stick around for the endcards, then you’ll have to endure the POTG.


Just leave, it’s a simple solution.

I’d like it if 90% of the time it actually was the play of the game and not just which dps hit ult harder


Doesn’t matter if you watch it not.
The way the system works is the time it takes to finish + potg score screen.
Is the time it the game uses to match you with more people.

So even if you quit and rejoin, it will take the same amount of time.
Skipping accomplishes nothing in the end of the day.


Well i am unsure about it is the time it takes for the next match making, it could probably adjust your mmr and persist in the database meanwhile but matchmaking doesn’t happen till the voting is done and you see the notification that the game is looking for a new match.

Unless you have access to source code, this is all theories though.

I just want to be able to skip all of this as a QoL change without leaving the game.

Was a Dev post made last year about people quitting game early thinking it would make MM faster.

Just turn off your monitor

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Bruh, just close your eyes.


just leave the game 4head

Some people apparently do. Which gives rise to sanctimonious keyboard warriors flaming them for being bad sports.

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Don’t look at it Rock! Look at me!

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Sorry, but I had to fix it.

It’s true they put effort in creating it, but it has been a broken biased feature since day one. I can’t say that they have put a lot of effort in it after the release.

(Just compare the amount of Genji/Dva POTG’s with Mercy and Ana POTG’s.)

To make it worse, even if you skip it and go to the main menu, can you not start a new game until the POTG of the previous game has finished.

You can leave the game as soon as the letters DEFEAT/VICTORY start appearing. I do it every round and i get rid of potg, that card crap and pointless waiting time this way.

You can, but you can’t start a new game until the POTG of the previous game has finished.

(Read the comment above yours for proof.)

I usually use the time it takes to roll PotG to say “good games” and maybe compliment someone who did extremely good job. Or just talk about something silly that happened during the match.

Well, if you want to skip it, but want to stay in the lobby, you’ll have to stare like fifteen seconds more to the card screen. Might as well watch the PotG then.

I worked hard for my triple/quad boop.


Youre not forced… You can leave as soon as you see the defeat/victory screen.