Why do people think the Ana change wont do much?

Isn’t Ana also going to get more buffs as well? That was the impression I got so I’m not going to judge anything yet.

In addition to this, the removal of pre-heals also means that:

  • It becomes even more unforgiving to be missing your shots. Ana fires 1.2 shots per second, with a scoped casting time of 0.25 seconds. Every shot you miss is another ~1.083 seconds of non-existent heal, on top of the reaction time required to start shooting only after health bars dwindle.
  • Consequentially, enemies can more easily burst down a target before an Ana can reactively heal, or especially if she misses her shot. It emboldens enemies to take duels or dive susceptible characters, something they previously had to think twice if they can visibly see Ana’s healing constantly ticking on their target.

Having heals hit their intended target is cool; being able to fire into enemies behind your meatshields teammates is cool; but they also affect this other aspect of Ana others hold dearly.

Mercy can have beam on a target and start healing instantly on damage.
Moira can do burst of sprays and have the hot tick to mitigate some of the initial damage.
Lucio starts healing as soon as damage hits and so does Zenyattas orb. Brigitte’s hot doesnt care if your full hp or not.

Currently on live when Ana shots someone the heal ticks over 0.9 seconds, and its 0.833 seconds between shots. So spamming someone means constant healing untill reload. On the PTR though, if at first shot target still has full hp the shot passes through, then its 0.833 seconds without any heals before next shot.

So unless you got bad positioning and often have people bodyblocking you then this change is a nerf. For me ive had maybe one time this year where ive gotten bodyblocked when healing as Ana, so thats a non-issue.


It’s funny to see the opinion of a certain guy who does not even use Ana

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You can’t control your teammates, that’s true. But you still can do something about them standing before you.
You can’t do ANYTHING against not being able preheal.

So you gain a little bit on the one side but lose one feature completely? That’s NOT a buff. Especially if we consider that countering burst from afar was one of Ana’s strength which is gone now.

I think that most that dont like it are like me. I have not had an issue with bodyblocking, which ends up making my total healing per match lower for a majority of my games.
Nade is very strong, but due to her missing a selfheal its used as selfheal way to much unless you have a good 2nd healer close. Sleep is also very nice, but requires a very coordinated team to use to avoid ppl waking sleeped target up.

Higher level teammates knows not to jump back and forth infront of Ana though. And i see more and more highlevel Ana mains that is realizing that the loss of pre-healing affects total healing.

And pre-emptive healing is not a thing now. Pre-emptive means BEFORE damage, and then the darts just fly through and do nothing.

I have noticed doing abit more damage though, but total healing is lower due to not being able to start healing the instant someone takes damage anymore. If the darts flying through people could apply the hot still it would be nice, but could make balancing harder.

Yeah I’ve noticed getting those picks on low hp flankers running away is a lot easier now since your team that’s chasing them doesn’t body block you anymore. I’m not going to lie though, my healing output, though it hasn’t changed, has become easier since i can position myself close to team mates and not worry about being body blocked.

Overall this buff didn’t really do much of anything to improve Ana’s chance at being viable in 2 support comps though. Mercy and Moira still out heal her, and Zen and Lucio still have better defensive ultimate’s.

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