Why do people think the Ana change wont do much?

She can actually heal, and heal a lot more if she has the aim, without her teammates making her life harder.

She has utility too. Nade is a strong ability with amazing utility + sleep can be deadly in the right hands.

Now that Dive is “dead” too she is going to have a great time in the game.


A better change would have been shooting an ally with full health doesn’t consume ammo. What she has now is just…not a buff.


Because this is just a QoL buff that doesn’t address the main issue Ana has.


Because it’s already something every other support can already do

This and the increase in ammo are CONSISTENCY buffs; she was falling super behind the other supports on being able to keep up

Her survivability however is still going to be as bad as it is now; without a healing passive you still have to play super “protect the Ana” style

Which doesn’t help when you can run Moira, Lucio, Brigitte and do more healing than Ana could even when her grenade was OP

The being able to heal through full health as well as more ammo are 100% needed; but Ana STILL needs a healing passive to compete with every other support.


She gets countered so hard when teammates are behind a shield/barrier.


More importantly is that this change effectively increases her damage output, fighting with anyone who has an Ana behind will be a pain because Ana will keep him topped off and will deal damage to everything behind her target

stupid logic. it’s something ana can’t do. letting her do it is a buff simple as that. i’ve been picking moira in replacement of ana lately solely because she can heal through teammates. ana will compete with moira now when you want fast, bursty healing.

she is literally supposed to be countered by that. think of the comps she is supposed to do well in. your teammates are rarely behind enemy shields in these comps.

this is huge. people need to realize this.

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Ana underperforms if you have to save cooldowns for survival. You have to use these abilities offensively to justify the pick, and atm that simply doesn’t happen often enough. The buffs don’t address this.

Might add additional chip damage and therefore ult charge but you’re not going to reliably hit targets with a thicc butt in your face.


The Ana shots piercing is a great QoL buff that I will greatly appreciate as too many times I have someone jump in the way when trying to heal a critically wounded team mate.

Had a match on Hanamura yesterday where the Torb, kept jumping between me and D.Va when she really needed healing, and he wouldn’t listen to me.

As for her CD’s being defensive or offensive, I use sleep offensively at the start of most maps/fights. If I realize they are running Dive, I start to hold it. Otherwise i use it for the first 30 sec to a min of the fight then hold it to cancel Ultimate’s.

As for her Grenade, I would say i’m perfectly fine with using it to heal team mates if I can hit 2 really hurt team mates. However if they are not critical i usually won’t use it for them unless I’m also hitting some enemies. 3 plus definitely, but I prefer to debuff my enemies more then buff my allies with this mechanic.

Only in a absolute oh dear god why, I cant let this person die would I ever consider solo nadeing a ally. Tracer/Genji, diving me I will definitely use it to secure the kill on them or at least leave em hurting if I die.

So overall her Cd’s are both defensive and offensive, depended on situation.
Just love Shoot, Sleep, Shoot, Grenade, Shoot, Shoot/Punch Combo for larger health targets coming at me.

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I’d like to just drop this in here just so people have some context.

That sounds even worse. Might as well just shoot walls. If I’m trying to heal a tank and annoying S76 keeps strafing back and forth in front of me and I hit him then i can’t heal. Now shots will pass though him and heal the tank.

Piercing shots is a nerf to pre-emptive healing. It makes her more accessible but is an overall nerf to high level Ana players.


It’s actually a buff to high level Ana players because they can not control their teammates and its a simple changes that will make her more effective with teammates that get infront. Also pre - emptive healing will still be a thing if your teammate takes damage, so what is your point?

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Make it a mode which the player can enable:
You can still pre-heal allies and by pressing/holding a specific button you enable/toggle the “heal through allies mode” in clutch situation where you really need to hit those darts on that teammate.

Best of both worlds, player has full control over the modes.

you can still pre heal… if your teammates gets damaged after you shot and it still didn’t hit him, it will heal me. So what is your point again?

You can’t pre-heal because most of the time u use, as an experienced Ana player, quickscoping and scoped shots which are always hitscan. It doesn’t heal if you are full health now and if it hits you after you take dmg it is not “pre-healing”.
What you describe is the non-scoped shot, that would be true but be realistic: How often do you pre-heal with a non-scoped shot far ranged team-mates? You only do that really for the tanks infront of you because non-scoped shot have a faster fire rate so you can up your tanks faster.

Ana’s current shots are a quick heal over time. So currently if I shoot someone at full health and they take damage within the next 0.8 seconds they will get healed.

If they change it a full hp target won’t get hit by the dart so if I see they are about to take damage and shoot they won’t have that healing “on board” for the next 0.8 seconds.

Is this important? Yes it is in many situations. For example.

  • Your genji or tracer has over extended and is retreating. They are clearly about to be shot and have a low hp pool. ANY healing immediately can make all the difference. If I can’t shoot them until they take damage I have to stand still with a shot lined up (putting myself at risk) and they will very likely die before my shot reaches them if I have to wait until after they take damage
  • At the start of a fight when engaging I want to start healing my tanks when the opposing team starts shooting my tanks (so they start healing as soon as they start taking damage) not after they start taking damage. Again it can make all the difference.
  • Pre-emptive healing is VITAL for incapacitated team mates. Team mates who are frozen, in junkrat traps, slept ect. When they take damage they are going to take it hard and fast. I won’t be able to react quickly enough so I want to be shooting them before they take the damage otherwise they will be dead before I can react.

Scout pretty much gets it, pre-healing can be utilized in so many ways. Removing that from her kit IS a nerf.
Take Mercy for example: Imagine she could not put her healing beam on a full hp ally. That would be ridiculous right? Well it may at first seem not as clear but it is the same for Ana players, that pre-healing can have many impacts on these situations.


Dive isn’t dead, it lives in Rein Bridgette Lucio! Amp it up and walk right up to Ana to punish her for picking a F tier healer. She needs more mobility her healing is fine, her damage is fine she needs to be able to adapt her position as the enemy gain more ground which right now she can’t do.

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I’m not agreeing or disagreeing. People do want suggestions to make their hero “balanced” but what they want is to cover up any weakness, naturally. So I get why he’s approaching it from that standpoint.

I don’t think they’re saying, “No, nope, no buffs ever, GOTTA HAVE THOSE WEAKNESSES” - instead, I think he’s saying, “We’ll start buffing her strengths first, and then focus on her weaknesses if that doesn’t work”