Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

Aside from Hack/EMP (which is being looked at), I think any of these are actually more used for initiations in team fights than any other DPS CC out there.

The tank is the setup, the damage is the follow through. Tanks are the cornerstone of the engagement, not the damage.

Plus being able to cancel his charge so you can now change your mind after misusing charge.
I don’t see why you’re complaining about just losing 400 barrier hp instead of 2 firestrike charges and some charge buffs. He already has an unnecessarily big damage in his hammer which probably won’t get nerfed anyways.

Soldier is good becasue he got buffed, what are you on about. He does have good burst AND consistent sustain damage now.

Because his damage won’t mean much if he dies quicker before closing distances.


and without the absurd level of burst thats in this game they are useless

How does he die quicker? I mean unless his healers don’t him.

I guess it’s a change to playstyle that we have to be on the lookout for

It’s also the reason they are getting rid of 2CP in favor of Push

Tank… or Brawlers will have to be more aggressive

I can’t wait for the changes to Orisa and Sigma to be shown/playable

Also I was just wondering what people thought of a 1-1-2-2: Main (Shield) Tank- DPS Tank-DPS-Support (with Sigma getting changed to be a Main (Shield) Tank)… or a 1-1-1/3 where At least one tank-one DPS-one Support/three Flex

‘The main tank in OW2 would be adjusted so that their performance is much similar to off tank’, this is what blizzard have confirmed.

In fact, Rien’s defend mechanism is much weaker than Sigma. I would rather blizzard to nerf his shield and give him a more reliable defend mechanism so that he would not be a shield bot most of the time.

there is nothing you can do as far as buffs or reworks that is as good as aggro trade. but thats what you dps wanted so no contest from tanks

We know tanks are getting buffed, we just don’t know exactly how yet. Remember, everything shown so far is a big work in progress and we know nothing about half the tank roster yet. Rein’s changes are definitely buffs, and I suppose Winston’s new laser could be useful (it’s not like they’re taking away his jump for it anyway). Zarya and Dva have received straight buffs as well from what we know, whether it’ll make them viable as a solo tank is yet to be seen.

I know but still… none of us have played it yet but I did watch all of it (not vary intently)… I’m just worried that the game is going in a direction I don’t like… My first competitive experience was on Rein (ended up being Silver… if that says anything)

He has less barrier… 600 less. A whole rein’s body worth of health nearly. That means he has less time to close distance, and more time to be melted before he is in effective range.

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Zarya is iffy to me… On one hand having the ability to bubble two teammates is good and all or bubbling herself twice… but on the other hand the cooldown shown doesn’t fit anymore (I don’t know how long her cooldown is but from just watching it seems kinda long)

My biggest issue with Rein is having less Shielding for my team… less health means easier to destroy/hide to try and recharge it (maybe I missed it but did it seem faster to recharge or the same)… But then again with the way the DPS played Rein will only be protecting himself

Yeah I’m worried that Rein will be a bit too squishy with the decreased barrier health, but at least it’s better than nothing- he’ll have a bit more power to be aggressive so perhaps shielding won’t be needed as much? Just speculating here tbh because most tanks are going to have a big change in how they’re played anyway.

Tanks will get buffed but for a certain play style. Tanks will become just meatier dps probably or like a battering ram meant to burst In and give an opening before being melted. Then again though 5v5 will most certainly look different at higher levels. I imagine lower ranks 5v5 will have less teamwork and more solo duels while in the upper ranks you will see far better teamwork then I think you see now

True… We got used to playing in certain ways and all that is changing with 5V5

Mercy also slows to a crawl, makes a far more obvious noise, and is less threatening compared to the Rein that can kill if you get pinned. Still doesn’t stop her from getting the ress off.

If 5v5 drops, there is no point in playing Rein, dude is just beyond useless.

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He also gets to cancel charge and grants less ultimate charge and more immune to CC along with some damage buffs

tbf they said they’re trying to make tanks more brawly i.e. up in the enemy’s face more and playing a lot more aggro. and that can’t really happen for tanks unless the can more reasonably reach and stay in the enemy’s face.
which’d imply mobility creep, dps creep, and whether they keep the same level of sustain or not is :man_shrugging: but like they can’t be paper if they are to be more “brawly” esp when there’s going to be 1 less of them per comp.

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