Why do people think brig is bad?

If you had it your way you’re own team would hate you. You’re trading you ability to actually Support the team just so you can go brawl. Which you totally can brawl with Brig, you just have to choose your engagements carefull. Brawl is cool and all but I enjoy things like canceling hogs healing or an ult or ruining balls nefarious plans, or stunning the reaper who tries pulling a fast one or basically stunning anyone and having the team focus fire them to death. Or saving your teammate that got hog hooked by countering with a whip or saving them from rein tackle with counter bash. Or finishing someone off with whipshots burst damage hearing that sweetly satisfying metallic ”CLANK!" as it connects. Oh
and booping players off the map, especially the big fish like Hog or any tank really.


Cause she’s bad.

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That is it right there, Brig is dependent on the other support.

When I play support alongside a decent Brig nowadays, I know if I keep her up she can keep up inspire and in turn the rest of the team.

Even Brig 1.0 isn’t invincible by herself, or Mickie would have carried Dallas Fuel to a 10/0 victory in Brig’s first OWL debut. Match commenters have noted that without Mercy pocket, Mickie’s Brig died like everyone else under fire.

Low ranks Brig is bad because she can’t amplify teamwork if there is no teamwork. When the team is scattered across the map and half of them treating supports as healbots, you just stick with the ones that doesn’t and hope for the best.

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Being in a awful state in current meta is the same as saying that brig has been nerfed into uselessness. You drooling derp.

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Under a pressure of a full dive it’s not that easy and not that realistic to whip shots everyone. Brigitte’s kit is good for one or 2 divers right now because of that excact same reason. They nerfed her survive ability and utility not abilities so her abilities are still amazing anti dive abilities.

but the point of the abilities is to take care of the engagement while her survive ability supposed to be in charge of the con consistent pressure dive puts.

I think we can agree most if not all of the dive counters have at least one ability to be able to stand dive’s bursty engagement and then the rest of the kit is for the consistent fight.

If you manage to delay the engagement it’s nice but during the fight itself she just doesn’t have enough survive ability to stand her ground.

Even if you have 2nd healer, one of the most important aspects of Winston’s bubble is blocking healing… If you start healing before it than some healing like harmony orb or Mercy’s beam would stick but it’s much harder to heal near it.

Just to summarize it I would provide an example from my personal games.
We ran a classic brawl of Rein,Zarya,Moira,Brig etc… And the enemies run the traditional dive. I did hit my whip and did manage to use shield bash on a diver.

Was still bursted down fairly quickly which resulted in a losing fights for my team due to healers dying.

I can also talk about the pro play btw with the short return of dive, Winston-D.va-Reaper-Sombra-Lucio-Moira. Notice how they didn’t pick Brig here as much.

But they did pick her in later meta that was more split. Because against one or 2 divers stopping the engagement is enough but against a full team she can’t stand her ground no longer.

I wouldn’t really call it a utility because by that definition any kind of cc is utility which just doesn’t make it unique.

Lucio got boops, Ana got stuns and Zen got placeable healing. Noting too special here. At the end of the day healing is healing and cc is cc. Not saying every single healing is the same considering burst, fire rate and amount of targets indeed have an effect but I don’t think anyone would pick Brigitte for armor packs alone.

Her cc is a start but it’s still not unique enough. It’s an original design for sure but it’s not something unique to her only she can provide.

Lucio provides speed, Ana provides anti heal+healing boost, Mercy provides burst increase, Zenyatta provide damage boost and etc…

Moira is the only one who doesn’t really provide a unique utility and that’s something the player base and the devs themselves tried to fix.

Utility is important because it takes the stats of the team and increase them. Healing is nice and it fixes “mistakes” but it doesn’t give your team any prior advantage and because it’s so general it can’t give any too major buffs because of countering (Speed for example can be better than any heal in the game but it’s more fair because it can be countered using stuff like turrets, close range damage heroes and etc… but against stuff like pokers it’s one of if not the strongest utility there is).

Brigitte’s cc is similar to utility as it’s better or worse on different stuff but it’s not unique and doesn’t provide anything to the team. As stated before, utility should help the team do the job not do the job instead.

That’s a big reason why Mei’s freeze is a dps utility. It helps her to get the kills.

Armor on the other hand is unique as no other hero in the game can give armor and let other players be better on low damage per bullet heroes.
You can give 1/2 the amount of armor in order to get the same healing against these targets but against bursty targets you only gave 1/2 the heal making it amazing or terrible depending on the enemy (Ofcourse that the armor amount should be more than 1/2 but less than the same amount in order to be better than healing in the situations it should be good but worse in a situations it shouldn’t)

If to conclude:

  • Brigitte’s kit is balanced, the problem is mostly her survive ability. That can be referred from the things the counters and how they work. Dive is split to engagement and consistent pressure. She can easily stop the engagement which her kit only allows her to block 1 or 2 enemies at a time. But during the consistent damage part her survive ability isn’t enough to let her stand her ground long enough for her team to take care of the divers.
  • Utility of support should be something everyone on the team can use for an advantage, it should be less general in order to be better or worse than healing depending on the situation
  • Healing is nice but it’s not utility as it’s a general fixing. While different ways to heal can effect the battle field, it’s much less unique and much less high risk high reward.
  • Cc as well doesn’t really provide anything for the team itself. No stat is changed for anyone really just normal punishment for mobility. Not to mention it’s not even unique… Lucio & Ana both have cc as well.

Yeah no he doesn’t, Brig is better at Lucio at everything the only thing Lucio can do is speed his team

You don’t have to whip everyone, the maintank alone is enough. If you deny his engage the Dive dps cant Dive anyway.

Bash, selfheal, a 250hp shield. Sure, ones the Dive actually happened you are easy to kill (like literally every Support) , but that doesn’t matter if the enemy isn’t even able to Dive on you in the first place

A Dive needs to stage before diving, they have to send their DPS on offangles. If the dps don’t manage to gain control or the offangles you cant Dive, Brig has one of the best (if not the best) ability to hold and attack offangles. The Dps who are in a team with Brig will always win a duell with equal skill

So 1.:
Saying Brig cant do something once the dive happened is wrong, shieldbash, insane peeling and selfhealing enable your Zen and Bap to put out insane damage in time and if you play with Ana she gains enough time to land 1-2 shots onto you

If you play Brig its very hard to even start a Dive because of her packs onto DPS and a single whip can mess up a whole engage

Moira has fade, that’s all. All other sups are bad - mediocre against Dive

THis is true, but you cant split the healing of Brig and Ana that easily because they stay very close

What was you position? Did you let the Dive setup? Did you wasted a pack so your Dps couldn’t deny the setup? Who was your wich target at wich time? Did you shieldbash in the open, if yes you should’ve just shiebashed way instead of bashing a Diver

there are so many things you could’ve messed up, a Dive want Dive a RBawl, there was 100% a major mistake on your teams side, Dive can only poke a brawl out and can only DIve after already getting a big advantage, that they managed to DIve you easily meas your team was near throwing in some aspect

Your comp isn’t a Dive comp, it is a Brawl comp. Its literally called “Winston BRawl” and “Rush” and like against every Brawl comp Mercy is the favoured pick, because you want to play really slow and on range against BRawl, that’s the same reason why you played Pharrah on some maps

(PS: Some teams still played Brig into it on specific maps)

But I gonna show you actual DIve comps just 1 week after Hog Meta where you all out of SUdden played BRig

Winston, Dva, Tracer, SOmbra, Zen, Brig. One team still is on Lucio, but then he switches to what? To Brig. They see the enemy comp wich is a full DIve, yet you decide to play Brig

(I gonna show a lot of links, all have a timestamp)

Here another one before you say I nitpick:

And here Brig/Zen fullholding your “Dive comp”

And another example:

And another one:

And another one:

And another one:

And another one:

After Hog was out of Meta people kept playing different variations of Dive, yet you insattnly saw a big rise of Brig

Yes, all Hereos have utility, but Brig whole kit gets value in a Dive mirror while Lucio is only really useful for his boop in this matchup, Ana only for her sleep because she cant support Dps and Zen is very fragile. If you run Zen you needed to run Brig at this time against Dive

No, healing can enable you to go aggressive. If you have packs for your genji you rgenji can offangel much more wich gains you a lot of map control, enables genji to do more damage and will build blade fast

THat is just lying. If you watch Doubleshiedl Meta you notice that Brig always played with SIgma, guess why: SHieldbash

If you have a Brig in your back the Sigma isn’t as easy to push wich enables him to play more aggressive and gains your team more damage and map control. It is also slows down dives, even through its just a half second, a half second is a Zen hitting a headshot and doing over 100 damage with discord

Pack without armor is unique too, beside maybe discord we have no other long range DPs enable ability and Pack is burst healing while harmony is over time making it better for short engages like Echo or Doomfist

People manage to play Hereos like Zen into Dive and in the past you play Mercy/zen and Lucio/Zen against Dive too, naerly all Supports do worse then her in term of survivability.

Yes, and you also only need to block 1 enemy: The monkey/Ball

If you really think her stun and especially her whip don’t bring her enough utility you don’t understand Brig at all, wich isn’t surprising regarding your whole post

Right, only stat boosts are utility. Being literally able to position more aggressive and being more survivable is no utility

Your main argumetns are these to:

“Brig isnt survivable, she cant even survive a full DIve and isnt good against a full Dive because of that”, because you didnt played her against a Rush comp. Just wrong with plent yof example

“Brig has no real utillity” Wich is jsut laughable and just whows that you dont understand BRigs kit that you actually think bash and whip dont help your tema much

This just isn’t true.

She’s been a bodyguard from the start. Her stats were just wayyyy out of order so she actually functioned not as intended in the beginning, and now functions as intended. Believe it or not, her kit actually contradicted itself pre-rework, and doesn’t anymore. Before her rework she was this weird pseudo tank frontline brawler who required massive focus to burn down, and was a pretty lousy healer to boot which is why she was ran with 2 others almost always.

Now she actually functions as a bodyguard support, good healing, great peel, and isn’t a pseudo tank while still being the tankiest support. I’m not sure where you or others get this “her kit contradicts itself” when the opposite is true & her design was far more contradictory before her rework. Before rework she was a tank with minor healing, post rework she’s a bodyguard support (her intended purpose)

Huh? I almost always have gold healing on Brig, and my healing numbers on her are pretty much always higher than when I play Lucio because his speed is far more important. Not to mention, every support is going to be better than others at certain things. Even if Lucio heals more than Brig, Brig has way better peel with her whipshot & shield bash. There are advantages to every hero.

This doesn’t really seem like an important point to me. Even so, there is no other support ability like it. It doesn’t need to give armor to be unique. Harmony orb is the closest comparison, but that lasts forever & heals way less.

Not at all. She is functioning as intended from the beginning, a bodyguard support with great peeling. She was released with an identity crisis, yet for some reason yall claim the opposite as if she was released as intended when she so clearly wasn’t.

Terrible comparison…

She stops dive better now than she did before. I’m really confused as to where you get this…

While Brigitte herself was much tougher to kill for dive heroes, her supporting & peeling was much worse for her team…so a dive team had a much easier time killing Brigs teammates before her rework compared to after her rework. Brigitte bolsters her team up so much more now vs. dive compared to before. So while Brig is “weaker” to dive because she’s less tanky, Brigs team is stronger with Brig on it compared to before, and this is a team game, not a Brig go 1v2 while your backline dies game

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Because the majority of the playerbase is low ranked and does not know how to get value from her.

She’s still the best main support right now, not a surprise she’s the most used support hero in OWL this weekend. She has even a higher pickrate than bap.

Those same low rank players seem to get value from ana,zen,baptiste etc.

So is Brigitte harder than the previously mentioned characters or is she worse?

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This. Her current playstyle is not fun, and frankly doesn’t work unless you are playing with or against a VERY well coordinated dive comp. She’s character that’s only really viable in extreme niche’s and OWL, so she’s bad for 95% of the playerbase (basically anyone below Masters).

Even in Masters +, she has the second lowest pickrate AND winrate of any of the supports right now. Only Moira is worse. She just doesn’t work for most players, and the ones she DOES work for don’t want to play her. The rework was a terrible idea.


People don’t know how to stay alive and play together in low ranks. That’s it.

I guess the whole ladder is somehow low ranks then, since Brig’s stats are terrible in every rank. Even in GM she has 1% pickrate and one of the lowest win rates.


id say when you play against rein try using you whip shot when he fire strikes also when you know he has shatter avoid jumping at all since jump can freak up your sheild and make u not block it. Also most importantly Brig is a defensive support dont feed for inspire because even without insipire she would be a good hero brig is about stopping aggression so pretty much stay behind a wall hold down primary and wait for them to come to you for free inspire also i forgot to say another thing is use your sheild bash as mobilty not all the time but when you think you need like try using sheild bash as a hanzo leap to get away

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Yes because rush is meta and brig isn’t played almost at all right now in Gm in Eu and Na servers. In korean servers there’s a lot of brig/zen

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Tank mains who abused her cannot figure out her as a Support, and Support players who don’t understand tanking get befuddled. You have to be good at both roles and knowing when to use her as a fusion to get value. You would think after Violet proved how good she was, even after her last nerfs, people would wake up… but no.

She is bad…or maybe just I don´t know, how to play “easiest” healer, as they claim she is…
Her problem is, that her barrier is deleted before she even starts to fight, has long cd to get it back and if your other support is not constantly babysitting you, you are screwed.
And I say that also from position of that other babysitting support.

do you have the mentality brig is a defensive support in you if you dont maybe thats why she seems bad to you

I only play her on control points - brawl on one place. Not the long distance payload maps or 2cp, where it takes ages to approach someone. Also lately I don´t play her, but I have to heal people, who play her, so either most people play her wrong, or she really sucks.

alot of people do play her wrong they still have the brawl mentality when playing her instead of defensive support playstyle