Why do people think balance isn't good right now?


I have never said anything of that sort.


I think Reaper is a little strong, but otherwise I’m happy with things.


My peeve is not with any individual hero, but the whole game dynamics are completely fumbled up. Damage and healing numbers are wayyy too high for how long games last and how big health pools are.

People often project their issues on one hero (or a couple), because it’s easier to complain about that/propose changes, but I have the impression that many problems stem from deeper sources.

On a side note: balanced doesn’t necessarily equate to good. To give an example: imagine if this game had a hero that’s stuck in spawn and has one ability that deals x damage and has y sec cooldown. That hero can be perfectly balanced, but is it any way good design?


LOL! You know that you’re a savage for that, correct? Genji amused emote

But to focus on the topic at hand, it’s because of pretty much the way that the dev team has handled the game thus far. And it’s sad. It really is sad.


Overall i think balance is better than it has ever been. However, it doesnt mean that some heroes arent still in bad shape.


Maybe what you said (or rather, didn’t say) here is a clue as to why some people think balance isn’t good.


I recently made a thread about this, I mostly just got called a Dummy, to be high on something crazy I took and everyone basically just told me: “Nah, it’s even worse” ._.


I would say the balance within classes is pretty decent at this point. Power levels among different roles have a pretty clear hierarchy, though, perhaps more than ever before.

I do want to point out that game balance goes beyond which character to choose. The game could have only one character and still have balance problems, e.g. if there’s a specific “right” way to play that character.


I do agree that the game is probably the most balanced it has ever been( with some exceptions of course).

My main concern is the fun, looks like a case where balance gutted the fun. Unpopular opinion: balance not always guarantees fun.


Compare Moria to Ana.

Compare Orisa to Rein.

Compare Ashe to Sombra.


None of them are throw picks. Some are more broadly popular, but all are viable. Orisa has her comps and is better in them than Reinhardt. I also think she solo tanks slightly better than him. No one does what Sombra can; if you want what she does then it’s irrelevant that Ashe is better at killing stuff.

Moira is pretty lacking in utility, but she’s at least harder to flank.


Ana shoots your team in the foot at low skill level matches compared to Moira.

Moira’s not accidentally at a pickrate of .65% in GM vs Ana’s 11.62%.

Orisa’s got a massive pickrate gap between her and Rein that I highly doubt is an accident. He’s picked 5x more at every rank besides Bronze and Silver where it is between 2.5x and 3x.

Sombra is rocking a 35.13% winrate in Bronze and her returns are below average by a significant margin winrate wise outside GM/Master and at those ranks she’s still virtually never in use.


You don’t have to be popular to be viable.


concidering the entirety of dps has been made irrelevant by goats, im going to say you are off the mark


Its good, but DPS heroes get the serious short end of the stick, when all other heroes can do the job of DPS.


hey bud i think you forgot to throw in a ‘nerf/delete Genji’ in there, you feeling ok


One things for certain is that Overwatch will continue with changes every season with mass buffs and nerfs. I believe it’s more OWL motivated to mix up the meta. But I don’t think it’s balanced but it will never be so.


The game has gotten more nerfs than buffs. Loss aversion plays a part in this. It feels twice as worse to lose something than to gain a singular something.

Most characters reworks have been utter failures, balance changes feel like theres no data or weight to them, only nerfs. When a hero gets a buff, they get like 3 overtuned buffs that make them incredibly OP (Look at Hanzo).

This pattern repeats for almost 3 years, which is why most people including me and several others, have given up on the idea of good balance.


it’s true the game is a lot more balanced than when it was first launched (remember no damage falloff tracer?) but the game is 3 years old now everyone has got sufficiently good at the heroes they play so if they buff a hero in tiny way it changes how that character is played and how you’re supposed to play against them i.e. mccree’s latest buff before the buff you could decide not to play around flash bang (still was a risky play) and hope that he’d miss but now you have to assume if he gets a stun on you you’re going to die

try playing mercy without getting harassed!

there are 2 reasons imo 1) the fatigue from playing a lot of overwatch some people have 2000+hrs on the game and 2) recently balance changes have been focused on the top of the ladder and some heroes might be balanced at gm but they are very powerful at gold or plat (remember old bastion? kinda like that not exactly though…)


Really my only issue is Widowmaker, literally worst hero design ive ever seen