Why do people in diamond and above usually not stop after two or three losses?

Not sure if I should do that too. Isn’t there a risk for a losing streak?

I personally don’t stop because I don’t care about sr. I just play to have fun

Because if I get a loss I’ll get a win too, if I belong on that sr? So what’s the point of being upset about losing?

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Losing streaks are more often than not caused by a lack of morale. It’s a mind game. If you lose one game sometimes you shrug it off. You blame someone else on your team for something and then try again. If you get several losses in a row you start getting into the mindset of “**** this why do I bother” and “****ing teammates are **** all the time, bliz fix your ****ing matchmaking”

It starts to really affect how you perform too. Your actions usually become more erratic the more frustrated you are with the game.

Before you know it you’ve lost 400+SR

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Really? I feel I always try my hardest and keep a level head, but there are some days I just always see the defeat screen.

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I like to think that if you deserve to be at that sr, even if you lose 1000 sr you will always end up back there but if you do lose 1000 sr it was probably just a bad day which is much more unlikely for diamond+ as they’re more consistent

It can also be down to RNG a lot of the time. Sometimes the teammates you get in matches might be on losing streaks themselves ( or they just don’t care about sr and are doing their own thing ). It’s hard to get a definitive answer. Losses can be any number of reasons. It could be something as simple as being outplayed by the other team.

For me personally I’m very prone to getting frustrated at overwatch. If I lose a match on comp I take a break immediately ( or play qp / arcade ).

I’m a heavy flex player. I’m usually the last person to pick a hero on the team because I’m an idiot and trust that the heroes my team picks are the heroes they are good at ( Most of the time they are to be fair but you still get the select few that treat comp like QP and play whatever the team doesn’t need ).

This is so true, I’ve even gone so far as to give competitive play a break because I’ve been on a constant losing streak.