Why do I Mostly Get Oasis and Horizon?

Aren’t there over 20 maps in rotation? Those two maps make up less than 10% of the map pool and yet they make up a quarter of my games.

PLEASE let me exempt at least one map from que. Or let us vote for two random maps as a lobby.

You must be playing quick play or QPC as Horizon and Oasis will not show up in the Season 19 Competitive map pool (which is now limited to 12 maps. However I will point out that since the introduction of Role Queue the matchmaker no longer accounts for your recently played maps to find a suitable match for you, as such it is possible to get duplicate maps across multiple matches. The ability to veto maps would overall slow down your ability to find a match and lower the gameplay experience.


Not veto a map, but exempt one from even being searched for in que on a personal level.

Or maybe don’t load a certain map if enough que players have it exempted in the server?

That is a map veto.

I figured a veto would be on the spot, where an exemption is done ahead of time.

Regardless, the same situation where doing this

would still occur.

Idk, I seem to get a good mix of Nepal or Lijang, with a sprinkling of other maps in between occasionally. Just luck

I’m honestly fine with a 20m queue if it means I never have to see the flamboyant garbage that is 2cp.
2CP is a mistake and all of the maps need converted to hybrid or KotH.

Confirmation Bias. Get a notepad and write every map name, then put a tick beside each one for each new match that you get.

You will see the truth

In quickplay, the majority of game that I get are king of the hill matches which I hate. I havent been logging in much at all as a result. And when they aren’t king of the hill, they’re defense maps… only defense and king of the hill is boring.