Why do I keep having unstable ping?

This has never happened before, but it’s been happening four times today, and once yesterday. In the middle of a game, all of the sudden, my ping spiked to 800, and I started to teleport everywhere. I got kicked out of the server due to disconnect couple times, but I didn’t lost internet connection, my internet is stable. Sometimes, my ping will stabilize after a few seconds without kicking me out of the server, but it’s so annoying. What is going on? I have never had this problem before, it started after the new patch.

If your ping is going to 800, there’s likely something wrong with your ISP or the route they take to Blizzard. Always start with the sticky threads; there are instructions on how to diagnose and fix this, as well as the information that you need to provide in your post here in order for anyone to help you.