Why do I always have to DPS on tank?

What in my MMR profile tells the matchmaker to give me the lower skill DPS most games? QP Comp doesn’t matter. Why am I always having to play more like a DPS than a tank on the tank role to win games?

Its just annoying. Thats all, quite annoying.

Tanks are brawlers now. That’s how you play them.


Yeah but you don’t get it. My DPS is almost always falling off the map or just walking in circles. I have DPS on average 2 RANKS not divisions lower than everyone else in game. I’m not exaggerating. The account I’m playing right play almost NEVER gets paired with the correct DPS rank. In any mode, I ALWAYS have to carry DPS and be the one to secure the kills. Brawl is my style. But I simply dont get DPS thats in the fight, ever. Im curious whats causing it because its way to frequent to be chance. I mean im not kidding most games id be better off without them at all because at least the enemy would get less ult charge.

what rank are you and what rank are they?

I think he’s saying why are the dps he gets matched with so bad.

And i 100% agree.

The games i lost were a result of elim diff.

Dps that i have gotten on my team have been some of the most questionable levels of skill.

Its formed an unnecessary, but serious hatred towards dps under diamond.

But thats mainly due to the dps role having the highest population, because like some clip i saw (might have been surefour) saying that people play fps games to shoot stuff…not heal or disrupt/make space.

I explained overwatch to an old friend and his first question was “why would anybody choose healer?”

So majority of new players will be dps.
Because its relatable to fortnite and COD.

That being said…its mmr that puts these skill divisions in your team and its rng which team gets the worst dps.


And most of my tanks in Diamond walk mid, die before using any cover and that besides having 2 supports stuck up their butt all game long.

I can’t tell their ranks most of their time (private profile) but the games are insanely bad.

The account I’m playing comp in was gold 1 I forget. it may have deranked. I literally cant play the game. I have to DPS. So it may have ranked down. My only shot of winning is to play Zarya and more or less play as a DPS. Occasionally ill get follow up on rein. I cant play sig or ram cause I just get overwhelmed with no DPS, which is standard. They’re either dead already or on some extremely long flanks as a non flanking hero. Falling off the map, dying in 3 v 1s (my team having advantage but still losing)

I mean its literally 9/10 games impossible to win because it effectively a 2.5 v 5 (tanks lose .5 effectiveness with zero follow up, just a fact) Thats a fact for the DPS players. you need to follow up with your tank or they cant get work done. Its that simple.

Think of your tank as the foreman. they’re paying attention to all the details. You watch what they’re doing to make it easier to get your job done which is taking advantage of the space they’re creating and securing elims (if theyre not terrible at tank that is)

Again id love to play tank as a tank. But with the MM doing whatever the hell its doing I cant win games like that.I have to play a different role essentially, it sucks.

Why do you keep saying “On this account” like you are smurfing or something. Also a lot of the time; and im not calling you out on this but this may be a factor; is that lots of tanks just stand there and expect DPS to kill stuff without making any space or pressuring the front line. Another situation could be that the tank is sending it way to deep and just leaving the DPS and supports high and dry to get smashed by the enemy team.

Also if you can not carry a gold team as a tank, then you aren’t too much higher of a rank anyway, and it always comes down to the fact that you are the only common denominator in all of these games…


So you know how much lower your DPS are, but you don’t know your own rank? Something smells here.

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Its how you’re supposed to play tank.

The DPS attribute is free on Tank role, wdym? If tank has lower damage than his damage dealers in ow2 it is tank diff instantly, you know. They took away all the damage from damage role to let you do whatever you want on tank my dude.
I only have more damage as dps if I have mercy pocket or smurfing. Or if I play baptiste, then it is easy to have the highest damage numbers in this game. Yeah, this game is just dumb. Roles are fake.

While I agree the game is dumb. That doesn’t change the fact that my DPS literally in almost every game is new to OW. Last game I played they were asking about the endorsement system because they’d never had it go up before. In almost every single game I play the DPS on my team is brand new to OW, or genuinely several ranks lower than the game they’re in real skill wise. Most of the time I dont even get mad. Because they’re in fact so new all they’ve done is play QP so I cant get annoyed at them just the matchmaker. The other tanks pick up on it instantly then just hard focus the new players and its game over. They walk right past me and delete 2 of my team before I can do anything to help them.