Why didn't Sombra get the Falloff Buff?


All the other hitscans seemed to get their Damage Falloff reduced from 30% to 50%… Sombra still retains a less than stellar damage falloff… and all this on top of the nerfs that she’s got. At the very least, the damage falloff reduction might offset the negative impact that the rework will bring if it does get pushed to live.


The ‘buffs’ have told us they want her dead. There’s your answer.


I don’t want to believe it… but you’re right, they really are killing her off…
It’s so sad though.


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018:

It looks like they intentionally didn’t do it for short-range weapons (like Sombra’s). Notice Tracer and D.Va also didn’t get it. But I agree, Sombra could’ve really benefited since her damage is so inconsistent.


Yeah but… Sombra’s damage falloff starts at 15 meters… and her bullet spread is quite compact… shes basically a Sniper.