Why did the game penalize me after a crash?

Good evening,
I was playing a match and the game suddenly crashed when a B.O.B. uppercutted me. I opened the game and rejoined the match in less than 10 seconds I believe (I own a fast SSD and I had left the launcher opened), but still the game removed my match stats (healing, damage and so) and I got penalized.

Earlier today I had experienced a similar issue where I was on the preparation time and the game also crashed. When I reentered the game I had to wait 10 minutes before I was able to play again and my SR had decreased.

This is very frustrating and feels unfair, and there are some games that did solve this kind of problems in the past, like DOTA 2, where there is a pause button to wait for a player that suddenly disonnected, and a 2 minute timer before penalizing that player (and only that player, not the whole team), so I wonder why things are the way they are here in Overwatch. I mean no offense, I just want to know the reasoning behind the decisions made in this regards.

The staff has fully elaborated on this topic in this sticky thread: