Why did God of War win GOTY


Honestly GOW or RDR2 would have deserved it pretty equally. I would only have come away upset if one of them didn’t win tbh


Because it has…



I’m so glad Fortnite wasn’t even a nominee (cough Golden Joystick awards).


At least fortnite didn’t win



There are several factors why. It was one of the first “true” gaming experiences that had been released during the infamous gaming drought.

It brought back the idea of a single player campaign experience and rebooted a classic triple A hit title.

It ignited a new series and set the bar for quality games for the rest of the year. Some could argue that the success of Gos of War even placed the bar of what investors and developers should be looking at for their games.

It became a leader in the year 2018 and everyone wanted Gos of War under their belts.

It’s not just because that it’a a great game. It’s release timing the standards it set and the way it reminded players and companies alike that video games can be amazingly fun exciting and entertaining.


Ragnarök as it is in Swedish, is the end times.


Because GoW gave you your money’s worth if not more. Rdr2 while good on a technical level, the repetitive nature of sitting through some of those hunting animations get tiring.

Also the online mode is devoid of fun due to the heavy grinding


Go to the forums or reddit alone to see why. People have a great time in God of War and there are so few complaints.


Because Brigitte is not in it. LOOOOOOL. :joy::ok_hand:


Because Overwatch released in 2016. Overwatch won GotY 2016. It beat Doom, Titanfall 2, and Uncharted 4, which are all great games.


Your missing the biggest thing of the show



yeah it’s funny to think that this sociopath that cut a guys legs off cause he wanted his shoes is now raising a kid


Don’t forget how he Tore off a guy’s head so that he could make it stare at other people.


he used his head as a flash light needless to say never saw him as the fatherly type


He could use Midas arm to turn lava into road. But he threw entire king into it, for teh lulz. Kratos did a lot of questionable things that had nothing to do with his revenge quest. I liked him for that.


Got it, pretentious.


I don’t actually understand why it won, either. The whole stupid game is essentially on a track, and the dialogue was super stupid with too many gaps and spacing to seem realistic. I played for a few hours while my husband laughed at my mumblings, then I finally gave-up and accepted that I had wasted a night of my life. To me, as a mother with actual children, it seemed like the script was written by a bunch of dudes who didn’t have kids but were trying to rewrite their childhood relationships with their own fathers who never accepted them or bonded in the way that Disney led them to believe in.


Not liking a game = pretentious :joy::joy: someone learned a new word recently.


I know right? Should have been Borderlands 2.