Why did Blizzard kill Symmetra? :(

The new changes to Symmetra basically kill the playstyle I fell in love with:

  • Close-range microwave lock-on
  • Hallway-control alt fire
  • Frag-damage up-close alt fire
  • Making area-controlling nests of turrets
  • Clutch mini-Rein photon barrier

They took away all these things or changed them so much that she’s now a completely different hero. Completely different playstyle. Leaves me very sad.

Does anybody have an explanation for why Blizzard made such a massive overhaul to her? I’ve seen the “Symmetra Rework” thread by Geoff Goodman that lays out what the changes are, but it doesn’t really answer why the changes were made.

All I want is an explanation for why this happened. :frowning:


Yer i dunno what yall are on about i still play her in much the same way just she is MUCH easier now and has way more power and synergy with her team all the people whining about her clearly haven’t given her a fair chance she is far stronger than she was still able to do many of the same things just better and in slightly different ways as a Sym main i can say whole heartedly i love the changes just wish they had come sooner.


Because Symmetra was in F-tier for so long I guess Blizz thought this was the best way to fix her, out with the old and in with the new in this case.


I find her fun to play, but in incredibly useless in a vast majority of situations. She needed a change. Unfortunately for some, it required a complete overhaul. I haven’t played her yet to see how it feels (I’m on PS4), but a massive change was what I expected.


Do you mean why did Blizzard make sym awesome?

IDK but i cant wait to play her


I find the irony that they took Symmetra’s more useful ultimate, Teleporter, and made it an ability that actually increases her value as a support.

But they moved her to “Damage” class anyway.

Her auto-lock melty-beam was the most frustrating thing for people to play against. Well, for people who didn’t play from a distance or who played heroes that were only effective within her range. The new beam isn’t so bad. It takes longer to ramp up the damage but the new level 3 kills things so much faster once you get it there.

And now Symmetra is more of a team player than before. Her teleporter on ability can help all the Ana’s, Orisa’s, Bastion’s, McCree’s, etc. heroes with little to no vertical mobility reach that high ground.

Her new ultimate super barrier is great. It can help save your team’s snipers or c*ck-block enemy team snipers.


Ikr her ability to protect her team mates is way better than her old kit being able to send a quick escape to non mobile heros in trouble is SO SATISFYING.


I wouln’t call it a different playstyle, just an expanded one. She can still be played pretty much the same way, except without a teleporter or shield generator to babysit. Close range microwave is arguably more powerful than before, and her new alt fire serves the exact same purpose as the old one, only it serves it more reliably.


Good. This was a no-skill playstyle which contributed to Symmetra’s utter failure at high ranks.


Because => “Lol, low skill hero!”

That is why. She requires little aim and has stationary elements and is therefore considered a hero with a low skill floor.

Personally I don’t agree with the assessment.

On what basis are you saying 60% winrate in higher ranks is a failure?


You know why, Everyone knows why. Sym was a terrible hero within the context of the game. her design may have been cool or even fun to some people. but she just didn’t work in Overwatch.


her new kit is opaf

If you have decent aim the microwave will be brutal
if you have decent strats and coordination here Tele potential is insane
her ult can create literally uncontestable positions on attack
her turrets and orbs will really annoy widows

how anyone says she’s dead is beyond me


On the basis that her pick rate is < 2% at Diamond and above, which makes win rate irrelevant.

Source: overbuff

Please do not cherry pick stats to support a flawed argument.


People didn’t enjoy playing with a Symmetra on their team. The hero was changed to please the haters. That’s my best theory.


Let me list other F-Tier characters that needed fixed before Sym though:
Bastion, Bastion, Bastion, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Sombra, and then maybe Symmetra, I think Sym was fine how she was(and yes I meant to put Bastion and Mercy 3 times because as they are currently, they suck(and pickrate means nothing, Before Valkyrie, Mercy had a balanced kit, was fun to play, and had an impactful and enjoyable ult)

This is a flawed argument.


Pickrate is the irrelevant stat out of Winrate and Pickrate. Pickrate depends on all kinds of factors whereas Winrate depends on performance.

A 60% winrate indicates good performance.

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She doesn’t feel satisfying anymore, it’s the worst part. Not fun, not accessible, not very versatile. Her ultimates before felt good, either because you were creating a pseudo-rez for 6 people if you could keep the exit covered well, or because you were giving your team a constant health buff. Now, it’s a potentially powerful ultimate, but it doesn’t do much good if the enemy team just repositions. The teleporter is neat for throwing stuff and moving teammates lacking in mobility, but it doesn’t feel quite as valuable with only a few seconds of being deployed. I actually really like throwing the turrets, but having only 3 cuts her area control potential in half, and that was my favorite part of her kit, honestly. Not to mention the loss of lock-on, which just felt good when you could sneak up on someone undetected. I really played a whole bunch of her in the PTR hoping to like her, but it just feels like a different hero, and I can’t say I like it.


I think the change was to make her more suitable for both attack and defense and not be considered as a throw pick, but to protest against the changes, for the rest of the season, I’m going to one-Trick Symmetra on my smurf account and prove she’s viable as she is