WHY Delete Old Comp-Seasons?

had this happened in a game.
Colloseo I go d.va my dps “pls don’'t go d.va”, I go JQ “ok troll ****” he disconnected match was cancelled. I stare at the screen for 10 seconds , lock in support. It is what it is. :person_shrugging:


i just had a dps go 10 kills 18 deaths while i was 25 kills 10 deaths and he’s telling me switch off dva switch off jq :frowning:


Which is exactly why that data should be erased. So you would be unable to look back and say “damn, my hero sucks now compared to what one used to be”.

Probably one day any mentions of OW1 will also be erased from wherever Blizzard can reach. Can’t really complain about crazy monetisation practicies and having nostalgia about lootboxes, when that part of Overwatch history is erased and no one knows about it.

It’s not fair :rage:
Why do I need to play this rock, paper, shotgun everytime I want to be tank? When I can play support for 10-30 games only baptiste and nobody is mad?
And the best part is that it’s not even consistent :exploding_head:. Someone can play ball/doom/orisa everygame and it’s viable, but d.va/JQ/winston oh noooooooo you need to switch or we lose.


This is really disappointing to find out. I thought maybe it was just a bug but this is a big turn off.

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