WHY Delete Old Comp-Seasons?

Title kinda says it all… why are we deleting old comp seasons? I would love to see my old ranks and honestly dont even see any point in deleting them anyways but yeah…
I’ve been Top500 from Season26-Season31 and yet no one will ever know because blizzard just decided to delete it… kinda feels like Blizzard is just deleting Hours over Hours of my time and it makes me feel like i just wasted all that time.
I cannot even check what place on the Leaderboard i was because blizzard just deleted that as well… just doesnt feel right to me


prob to keep you trying to climb back to get shiny rank to show off. its to keep ‘‘player engagements’’.


Vote me for president… I will bring back all of the old competitive Seasons history!



Yeah this makes me sad too. Thousands of hours on dva, gone.


It’s strange that they seem to have kept all of the other stats from other modes, judging by Pharah still being my most played hero overall despite being a support main for years by now and barely ever picking Pharah anymore for quite a while.


Can you help me get rid of my browser history though?

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I wish there was a ‘‘Legacy stats’’ section with the old seasons and maybe for removed abilities.


I loved seeing where people started out and where they are now. Seeing a top 500 player that used to be gold or silver was so nice. I also like looking at my own history to see my stats progression and what not.

I understand that it’s a lot to scroll through but maybe make a separate section for OW1 seasons. I just don’t really understand why they did this. Of all modes to lose data for comp is last on the list.


so that there is no record of your historical effort and progression

No they have it. But Blizzard has YET to fix this issue. They said itll take a couple week to put back on our profiles. Its been months since then, really is sad and disappointing


Yeah that one of the final nails in the coffin for me taking competitive mode serious.

Your hard work just erased.

I got nothing to back up my great 70+ elim Dva game that was going back and forth with their enemy.

So doesn’t matter if I play all star or pure trash. Just resets cause for some reason they think players don’t want to track progress over seasons or years


I’m so confused after today’s dev note. They want progression, leveling, unlockables, and overall being rewarded for our time investment…only to wipe that information at a later date. “Be proud of your profile” until it’s gone.


Im still upset that they wiped OW1 stats. Mine were pretty crappy, but they were my stats, even if I never owned the rights to them.


You think that’s bad? Try the fact numerous people have their hero hours missing like me.

Thousands of hours gone. Still not fixed. On the big forums there’s literally a 500 comment thread and not one developer has addressed it. Mine that are missing aren’t even from competitive. It’s like they took a snapshot of my game in 2018 and froze it in time.


We can hug and hold each other. It sucks. The career profile is completely bugged for many people and still continues to be bugged.

To be honest I wonder if this why the MM and ranked is messed up.


I was gold S3 but decayed all the way into the ground, now I’m like Bronze 2 or 3 or something. Man…I don’t play ranked but I liked seeing old stuff.

Hrs are gone for people too? Eww. Why?

If our progression carried over from the old one to this one, and they decided to remove it, I think we should’ve had a warning so we aren’t mad.

“Hey, we’re wiping everyone’s rank slates from OW1, have fun!” - Without resetting the underlying SR/Ranked MR. Oof.

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Lol if I would have known they would of basically cleared all my history I would have never merged my pc account.

We were punished when we did as we were told. It’s mostly merged accounts that are impacted.

I don’t play pc. I only try it once and didn’t really like it and prefer to play with my console friends.


Just reading through this thread sums it up in a nutshell, and they still haven’t addressed or fixed. It’s been about 6 months now.

They probably never will.

People wonder why I have a private profile… Because it’s a damn lie. I will never ever open up my profile again until this issue is fixed not even to friends.

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When I’m the US president, I will make you the Overwatch President. Big league!

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even tho i was gold\plat the whole time it still feels sad in a way :,)

same thing happened in pc actually.