Why couldn't Torb keep his armor as well?


The topic says it all! Why couldn’t he keep it along with his new set of skills?


The armor pack played into the “feast or famine” issue with Torb that they’ve discussed all throughout his rework period. Torbjorn had an ability that made his team passively really strong if they were already winning, but it was a useless skill that barely added anything to Torb’s value if the team was losing. It was clunky to keep balanced, especially if they wanted to push Torbjorn into a more active DPS role rather than a defensive passive one.


They had various routes to change Trobjörn and he now looks like a really solid tank buster. The armor packs would have been an odd fit.


I just wish they kept his scrap mechanic and made his abilities feed out of armor instead of having a cooldown. Or ever let it feed his Ult.


E ability stacked with armor pack = OP

Also he seems less team reliant now, so he no longer needs to help out the team as he did before


Okay, but does Brigitte not have a very similar mechanic? Like… yes, armor helps winning team’s more than losing teams… What is the inherent problem with that? So does virtually every other mechanic in the game.


Honestly, I am fine that they got rid of his armor pack…


Armor has become a huge problem in the game lately because of Brig, so they probably didn’t want to add more of it into the game. Yes, Torb has had the armor all along, but he’s never been picked much and they now want to change that.


that’s why. And it lowered “power your team with extra ton of health” even more AND left "armor dealing’ only to brigitte.


Brigitte’s armor application is through two methods. If you’re talking about Repair Kit, that’s an ability primarily used for healing, where the extra armor to top off is temporary and hardly every maximized, functioning more like a weaker Zarya barrier with healing properties. Rally is an ultimate, so it’s not just armor that she gets to freely hand out whenever she’s winning. It’s something she has to tactically time and plan out, and her team has to coordinate.

Torbjorn’s Armor Pack came from scrap, which you could only realistically get from dead enemies. More scrap = more dead enemies = more armor = more health in which to not be killed and thus kill more enemies = more scrap. It was a cycle that was frustrating to play against, and if it didn’t work out for Torbjorn and his team, then Torb had to be switched off because one of his abilities would be impossible to consistently use.

Also, Brigitte is a tank-support, so armor providing abilities make more sense for her kit compared to a DPS hero.


Torbjorn had an armor cap, though. So it is not nearly as famine or feast as a lot of people are implying, and without setting them properly if you were ahead, the potential to ruin the set-up was very high with 5 other members walking over the point or not looking for armor that was otherwise not in the way. Beyond that, he was designed, formerly, to be a support hero. Keeping elements of that was warranted despite him being a DPS. Same reason that Mei can create walls and ice block. She has tank elements despite being designed as a DPS.

I understand the difference between her being an ultimate. But that has very little to do with their alleged decision to remove armor. The idea is the same regardless.