Why competitive role queue is ruining the game and why it should be reverted

You can go look it up yourself. I’m not your secretary.


He doesn’t understand that the person making the claim has the burden of proof.

Before Role Queue I used to play tank and support mostly. This was because my team could usually would never have a tank or support, or would only have one tank, one support, and the rest would play DPS and we thus my team didn’t receive enough heals.

Now the ROLE QUEUE is here, I’ve noticed really fast that I think playing tank and support is boring, and playing DPS is fun. So now, I can queue up and play DPS mostly without worrying about losing because of my team composition. My stats show that I’m a Reinhardt main before role queue was implemented, but no I’m not a Reinhardt main. I think he’s boring to play, and I’d rather play DPS which I can now do thanks to role queue.

So I suggest that we keep role queue OK? I don’t want to go back to the old version of competitive and quick play. I don’t want to have to play tank and support and pretend that I like maining them when I don’t. I’m sure that other players also had to suffer the same as well.

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Before role q:
4 DPS players
Two of them pick tank or support
Don’t know what they’re doing
Swap to DPS or just keep playing badly


The really short version is that DPS is the most popular role in the game and it was restricted to 2 max per team. And people play this game for their own entertainment, not to please others.

The really, really short version is Blizzard blamed players fir bad character balance, which is something Blizzard needs to fix.


It’s a nice post and all? But Blizzard is 100% all in with Role Lock. It’s not leaving. Ever. They don’t admit defeat. It’s here to stay. The only option beyond just dealing with it, is picking up another FPS where there is no Role Lock.

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Has 2-2-2 stopped them? Let’s all be honest role queue hasn’t fixed anything. Balance is still just as slow as before. Some of that could be attributed to the fact they don’t care about overwatch anymore and are putting all their eggs in overwatch 2’s basket. Which we all know is going to be an udder failure.

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community is scum that likes to abuse in game systems

i don’t think they ever can fix that

no matter what the developers do the community seems to find a way to ruin it

I do fully agree the previous system had its flaws as well. I remember these kind of games you mentioned.

But the role queue system didn’t really change anything when it comes to bad team compositions. The roles are now divided, but that doesn’t mean people are actually playing their actual role (DPS Moira, DPS Roadhog,…) and it doesn’t mean that people are playing a hero within their role that actually synergizes with the team or counters the enemy team. When your team needs a specific hero to counter a hero of the enemy team and the 2 players playing that role in your team refuse to change, then you have a problem for the rest of the game. I’d very much prefer someone to be able to change roles and deviate from the 2 - 2 - 2 composition in that situation.

Role queue didn’t really change anything besides that everyone who doesn’t queue as a Tank now has to wait averagely 9 minutes to get into a game that lasts 16 minutes. I usually queue with 1 or more friends, so we could fill the Tank or Support role if needed, so we always had at least 1 Tank and 1 Support. Right now we even have to wait 9+ minutes when one of us plays Tank. This doesn’t seem normal to me? Maybe it’s even a bug in the system because prioritizing a group with a Tank could potentially start a game faster for other people as well.

Anyway, I prefer to actually spend my time playing rather than waiting. In a game like World of Warcraft where you have other meaningful things to do while waiting, a system like role queue may work, but in Overwatch it doesn’t feel like there is anything meaningful to do. Currently, I think we’re not even getting XP while waiting.

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Role queue wasn’t introduced for that reason alone. In fact, that wasn’t even one of the major reasons.

More reasons (according to videos with Jeff):

  • Easier to balance heroes
  • More accurate SR. E.g. a 2900 tank main might only be 2100 on DPS. Role SR isn’t 100% perfect but it’s a lot better.
  • Less need for alternate accounts as per above point.
  • Players are more able to play the heroes they want. Now you only have to fight with one other player instead of five to get your hero of choice.
  • Probably more I can’t remember.

But forcing certain comps wasn’t one of the key motivators. In fact I got the impression it was a necessary outcome for achieving their actual goals.


Lol no I have also been playing since beta and the game got so much worse when role queue was put in. All that happens now is I get 5 dps players in every match but only 2 of them are actually playing dps characters. Not to mention forcing 2 2 2 ruins so many comps because 2 2 2 is not always a good comp, For example I liked to play a 3 dps 2 healers and 1 tank composition but thats no longer allowed in comp which is dumb. Also the trolls i would have in comp were more likely to be the healers than the dps. since those were usually the basic biches who would immediately start trolling out the gate because the team isn’t running the 2 2 2 comp that they want. OW comp is just a place to screw around at this point.

I wonder how many of those solo-tanks enjoyed those matches?

It really hurt the game. I can’t carry bad dps as a support. It totally ruined the experience for me and i was a high diamond player. I really don’t have anything good to say about this game anymore. They failed to balance it and make the right decisions. In fact, I just uninstalled the game. Tonight was the last straw. It felt so good uninstalling it. Might come on the forums to rant every now and then for the time they wasted.

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Ahh…actually my games as a tank main arnt a @##@ show anymore and apart from growing pains…222 is waaaay better. If you’re a dps main…90% of you are :crazy_face: . You disagree. Most tank main and support mains like 222. These would be the players most reliant on other roles…the difinitive team players. Some exceptions to dps mains…who in my books are true gladiators. But alas such is life.

I agree that tanking and supporting is much more enjoyable now. However I also find playing DPS much more enjoyable now because I don’t have to be stubborn and just wait for 2+ other people to switch; I can play it without feeling like a jerk.

When a game gets cancelled I do feel bad for the DPS players because they queued for so long. But then again, when they insta-lock something like Ashe and don’t switch after they see the enemy’s running double barrier and then the game gets cancelled I laugh.

And he was 90 degrees out of phase with each of them.

  • Unjailed has self-balancing properties. Even goats had counters. People will tryhard, own up, and main because they know they can flex.
  • SR has become less accurate and meaningful post-222, because people can troll 2/3 roles for lootboxes and truly not care.
  • Every alt account can troll 2/3 of their roles, disrupting the ladder even more egregiously.
  • Players never get to play the role/heroes they want, because 15 mins into cancel into 15 mins is just not going to cut it for most gamers.
  • Probably more? Queue times, players leaving, lack of ladder reset/recalib, having to bribe players to play non-dps roles, turning 222 comp into a hated job, etc.

I left a tank match tonight because I’d rather drink bleach, and the system bugged out my lootbox (‘error couldn’t load game’ - no lootbox no thanks). The system didn’t even try to matchmake me - it threw me into a smurf battle 2500 sr above my weight class. Umm what?

You know what I got for leaving? A 2 minute penalty, an apology, and another lootbox offering. Ah yep not for all the esports in China.

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the problem is all dps is better experience than bad tank.

AND YOURE WAITING 20min to get a bad tank.

Then maybe don’t write random statement out of your a** next time? I should look up stuff you made up? Which clearly didn’t come from blizzard employee mouth? Clown!

Toxic much?


Cry more.

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