Why can't Ashe hold down left click?

Ana, Mcree, Torb can hold fire to automatically fire their weapons, but for some reason, Ashe can’t.

I understand why in ADS she might not do it, even though Ana has a bolt action sniper rifle and still can hold down left click to fire continuously in scope, but Ashe can’t even auto-fire when hip firing. This feels odd and inconsistent to other similar heroes in my opinion.


its not that big of a deal tho

I mean yeah, I can adapt to it, since usually I tap fire with Mcree and Ana, but still, sometimes I just hold the button down, especially against big targets.

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oh I never do that

It’s because hipfire can shoot as fast as you can click the mouse.

what if i make a robot which can do 12 clicks in .01 seconds will AShe fire 12 bullets in .01 seconds?


Not really, her fire rate in hip fire is very fast, but not D.va fast. And I don’t know about you guys, but constantly clicking to fire as fast as possible while trying to aim can throw my aim off.

I feel you, I’m just saying that’s the reason. Personally I rather have hold to fire cause I have bad mouse habits and I don’t want to develop arthritis.


Ashe has a limited fire rate and you can buffer shots. Every time you fire a shot, release left click then immediately hold it again and you’ll fire the next shot as soon as possible.

Because Ashe’s gun is not a semi automatic weapon. All the other guns you mentioned are some version of semi automatic, meaning they fire a round and ready another with no other input from the wielder. McCree’s revolver, while not technically a semi auto, is functionally a semi auto because each pull of the trigger is readying the next round. Ashe’s gun is a lever action rifle. It requires the wielder to pump the lever to ready the next round. That’s why you can’t just hold down the mouse button and have her continuously fire.

@Grumpy and OP
Her weapon is considered semi-automatic, meaning no reload needed after each shot, but is not fully-auto (i.e. soldier, sombra, tracer).


Ashe’s semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for a more damaging, precise shot.
Reference: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/ashe

It’s akin to a Winchester rifle, and she’s targeted to be a very mechanical hero.

I would love the option to hold down left click with hip fire, and no holding down left click while scoped in, it’ll just feel more natural overall. they can make the automatic fire just slow enough for her to pump it in the animation but just for the sake of my fingers it would be nice.

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Ana has a bolt action tranquilizer but can auto-fire by holding down left click.


this ^^ im a ana main and was super excited when i heard this hero can quick scope etc. but with bad arthritus in my fingers i rely on playing by holding down click. i hope blizzard make it so you can hold down click to shoot or else i cant play her.
also another thing that i dont like is how sluggish it feels trying to quick scope with her, blizzard can you make it a bit faster like anas? it would be super if you could.

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up to 4 rounds per second
But personally would leave this mechanic for her, just cause it’s unique