Why can Zarya counter 2 characters in the tank role?

Why is there even a tank that can counter 2 ? Like… I’ve been asking this question for a long time. Like… is it horrible game thought? Or just horrible balance. Like… can someone please explain to me why they even allowed this to go through…?

Hog can counter all heroes?
Who are the tanks you think Zarya can counter?

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D.Va and Sigma. Zarya can melt them, and they can’t negate it with their signature abilities.

Feels weird to complain about countering two tanks when there’s characters than counter the entire tank role.


Because she has a beam weapon and beam weapons counter Sigma and D.Va? Was that the answer you were looking for? Technically speaking, Monkey is a bigger hard counter to Sigma than Zarya is.


Facts. Weaving in and out of his barrier while self-harming accidentally with sigma’s primary fire if you try to fight back lmao fun times.

Reaper: Laughs in edgy noises

I’m not sure if you’re trying to make a point, but I hope no one seriously believes this is true. D.Va counters Winston and Sigma is even at best.

Well, at least Dva can eat Zarya’s ult :confused: but this is so rare…

Legends say he actually cries under his mask.

Dva makes up for the ult charge she feeds zarya by eating gravs. Even if you aren’t at the skill level where you can consistently eat gravs, you can at least pressure zarya into less ideal ultimates.


Dva boosters (if you are sitting infront of a high charge zarya you are free ult charge) sigma shield(have you heard of sheild dancing?) you probably try to shift zarya M1 on both heros