Why can’t Sombra hack Brigitte’s passive?

Same reason neither Moira nor Reaper lose their passive when hacked, they’re linked to damage specifically, which is not targeted. I agree Lucio shouldn’t lose healing though.

Cuz inspiration cannot be hacked :joy:

The only passives she hacks are genji, hanzo pharahs jump and mercy’s angelic descent and lucios wall riding. Notice how all these abilities require a button input for them to work. But she doesnt hack all passives. She doesnt hack mercy’s passive healing or doomfist passive shield gain when landing punches or torbs armor regeneration. To make brig passive turnover off sombra would have to somehow hack her swinging. Makes no sense.

No, it shouldn’t. Her passive is also her primary function. Hacking her passive would be like hacking Mercy’s staff.

Those passives are either toggled by Primary Fire or not toggled at all. Sombra only Hacks button press passives and does nothing to Primary Fire. That’s why Brigitte’s passive isn’t interrupted.

So apparantly, Lucio’s Aura is tied into the ability Crossfade. Crossfade makes the aura and allows it to be switched from one to the next, although everyone tends to agree that it’s passively active 100% of the time.

Say hi to lucio :sauropod:

Implying his 16hp/s is anything of value over the 48 he can get by hitting E.

Say hi to the fact everyone that doesn’t play Sombra and about half of the people that do play her agreeing Lucio shouldn’t lose his heals. Honestly, now Jeph has said Deflect will be getting a hitbox change, it may be the most universally agreed opinion on these forums. We all side with Froggy.

Crossfade requires shift.

I think for consistency sake, all passives should be hacked. This whole button press blah blah stuff just creates confusion. Either all are hacked or non are. Why should lucio be shafted while others get a free pass, especially if he has to press a button to activate. Either all or nothing.

It doesn’t matter if you agree on something or not, the statement “Sombra only Hacks button press passives” is still false.

You don’t need crossfade if you are on the healing aura, try again. :sauropod:
At least admit you were wrong, have some balls.

True, however, the statement Sombra SHOULD only hack button press passives is 100% accu-rat

You had to press shift to activate the healing aura in the first place. I’m all for making his speed boost unhackable so long as he’s never pressed shift this match.

If you want to take that route there’s a better solution:

1 - Healing aura and Speed Boost switch spots, heal is now the default
2 - Specify that the button press passive rule only counts if a button press is ALWAYS required
3 - Healing now gets away scot-free, Speed Boost still gets switched off, Crossfade still gets locked

Dude it’s Blizzard’s word not mine. I don’t want aura disabled. I’m just telling you why. It requires a button press lmao.

As a Mercy one-trick person, while I find being hacked a big problem, I’ve generally been able to survive it. My movement is diminished because I can’t activate Guardian Angel, but my healing beam and damage boost beam remain, so I just try my best to survive with those skills supporting the party while the hack runs its course.

I am not sure this answers your concern, but from my personal observation Hack is meant to hamper, not eliminate a character’s ability to function in the game. I am guessing this might have been the reason this Briggite ability was left untouched: they may have considered that particular ability as essential as leaving Mercy to do healing beam or damage beam even while hacked.

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Very well put, and why Lucio deserves his healing back

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if it wasn’t of value, why be upset it now gets disabled upon being hacked? And I might play Lucio wrong, but the E is mostly on cooldown anyway, so being hacked makes no difference in that regard.

“I had to press click to activate brigg passive”
“I had to press click to activate reaper passive”

Snap out of it. Its gibberish.