Why can Lúcio beat during Flux?

I understand for balance purposes and all.

But it kinda defies the way that Sound Barrier works. Maybe just buff Lucio so that he beats after he falls a certain distance from the animation so he’s not affected by the environment or boops anymore so it’s consistent.

Or ya know. Bug fix it out

Sound Barrier interacts with Flux the same way it does with Graviton (as the two use the same mechanics), so it is consistent.
(…Man, anyone else find it a little confusing having two ults with such similar names?)

He can beat in gravitron surge too. Flux creates a new floor using gravitational energy and Lucio can hit that floor for the beat.


Why can a tank reduce everyone’s health by 50% while ccing them for a ludicrious amount of time, while also having insane splash damage, and a mobile 1500 hp barrier? Ridiculous problems require ridiculous solutions.


Realistically, Sigma only gets 1 or 2 people most of the time with his ultimate. It’s pretty telegraphed and easy to move away from, especially with the extra PTR nerfs.

In the pro scene, it rarely even gets kills.

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It’s been two days. There isn’t enough information to say how well it’s working in the pro scene. It and the Doomfist ult combinations however is already seeing enough results to have gotten it’s own spotlight. Who knows how long that lasts if it even does though

While true, it has very high combo potential. Yesterday I believe an OWL Doomfist got two kills with meteor strike because of it; getting kills with Meteor Strike is unheard of in the pro scene.

This is just not true. In the play-ins Sigmas were constantly getting kills with flux, either directly, or by just firing at the sitting ducks caught up in it. A hero suspended in the air about to land and be stunned in a predictable location with at best half health, is just dead no question.

At least with grav it can be eaten, or because everyone is together you might have a shield. Or with Shatter, it can be blocked. Nothing stops Flux, not even killing Sigma, and unless your team has beat or tranq, you’re probably dead.

The game needed fewer overpowered ults deciding fights, not more. Sigma’s entire design is one mistake after another and he’s OP. There’s a reason he was on both teams in almost every game despite being the hero they’ve all played the least.

This combo needs to be called space jam.


Everybody get up, it’s time for slam now
We got Doomfist goin’ down
Welcome to the Space Jam
Not a chance, when we do our dance, it’s Space Jam

Lift you in the air, feel that chill in your spine
Gonna pull you out of overtime
Welcome to the Space Jam
Not a chance, when we do our dance, it’s a Space Jam


Stop giving me PTSD flashbacks.

I really feel like they should increase the height that you can contest above the payload…

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I think your missing the point. Its an ult, that does 50 damage when it picks you up, full ccs you in the air for a couple seconds letting everyone shoot at you. Then puts you back down on the ground doing half your health ccing you again for a couple seconds again. Thats what a balanced hero looks like my guy

Especially when you have a Zarya and a Sigma player on your team and they both call their ults ‘grav’.

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Because he can’t stop won’t stop.

You mean ‘Amp’ the ability right? Most Lucios waste it on speed song anyway to be relevant.