Why can i not turn off player titles?

Why isn’t there an option to turn off player titles if you want to? That’s so stupid imo…

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Why would you want to turn off a title? Does it bother you or something


Where do you even see these? I haven’t come across a single person with a title.

I mean not really but it would still be nice to have if that moment comes.

Because i have one.

No like where in game are titles showed. I imagine lots of people already have one, but I haven’t actually seen it for myself.

With the current state of the game and all of the valid issues this is what you decide to make a post about?


You add them to your career profile card, and it will go below your battletag.

In the Career Profile, under Customization, you should see all of the titles you’ve unlocked, and there’s one that says “No Title”. Is that not a selectable option once you have a title?

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It shows in the score board, highlight/potgs, on your profile under your battletag

No, why did you think i made this thread? When i try equpping the “no title” card it doesn’t work…

Yeah and? Why are you even here if you’re gonna complain??

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I thought you made this thread because you weren’t aware of the mechanic that’s designed to turn off your title. You certainly didn’t mention that you had tried it in the original post.

If it didn’t work to remove the title, then it’s clearly one of the various bugs tied to this early access release, which they will get to eventually.

Dude makes a post complaining about the game then asks why I’m complaining… You can’t make this stuff up :man_shrugging:

Well i thought you would know that i did try because why wouldn’t i?? I really hope they can fix it, i just don’t understand why they would release a game with so many freaking bugs lol.

Because it’s a valid topic to actually bring up and talk about? And i’m not even complaining, i’m just saying that it’s a stupid thing that you can’t turn it off if you want to.

And here you come and judging by your comment saying that my topic isn’t important??

Maybe not for you it isn’t but for me it is, no one forced you to come here and comment on my thread if you didn’t like it? I’m literally here asking for actual responses and not comments like yours.

Why would they let you turn them off?

If people just turn them off there’s no point to them lol

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Why not? Some ppl might not want to equip them and some might want to.

Besides they kiiiiiinda annoy me that they replace your battletag under the hero you play

Im jealous. I haven’t even seen anyone with one yet

Bro… listen to yourself

You’d be surprised how many people wouldn’t know to check for something like that.

They 100% will fix it. WoW has hundreds of titles by this point, and there’s still an option to not use any.

Again, this was flagged as an early access release. Primarily due to the PvE content not being here, but also to manage expectations for minor issues like these.

you can… soon TM

I have one lol and it’s been fun since ppl have been asking about it lol but it can be pretty annoying that it replaces your battletag in game…If they could remove that then i think i would be more happier…I dunno :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

What why?

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Really hope they don’t make us pay to remove the title or i might just quit this game.

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I’m pretty sure the “no title” option was locked out since day 1 of ow2 lmao