Why can I not play Rialto (Venice) map on PC? (CLOSED)


I have no reason why I cant play Rialto on PC when I see a lot of other people playing it???


Rialto is only out on the PTR.


Uhhhh im dumb so I dont know what PTR is???


Public Test Region, it’s a separate download from the launcher.


Public Test Realm. Testing area before changes go live.


Ok, thx I was just really confused


Go like you were changing your region and it’s at the top of the drop down.


Ok I will try it thx GG! (JUst had to have 20)


PTR dude. Test server. You just need download the ptr version of the game to play in this map or wait until it come to normal server, that i think probably will be after the event ends.


PTR tests new things. You’ll also be able to try the new Hanzo and Lucio wallride changes.

Heres the patch notes if you want to see