Why can’t we have a different match chat/report system

It’s really annoying that you can get comms banned simply for having too many people reporting your account for typing something in chat. I’m not saying it’s acceptable to throw around racist/homophobic remarks or downright degrade anybody but come on, one of the best parts of competitive gaming is being competitive.
I’ve probably had 200 games where the enemy team will teabag, spawn camp and solo ult just to end up losing and I’ll type “imagine bagging and losing.” or “you spent all that time bagging just to take the L??” or some other sarcastic BS and have to worry about the whole entire enemy team reporting me bc I hurt their ego.
The fact is you don’t have to have the match chat or team chat on, and if you do you shouldn’t be able to report somebody unless they’re being a downright bigot, racist etc. add more filtering options to reports instead of just banning people once they hit a certain number or reports.


Yeah im currently muted and i don’t even know from what. I didn’t type anything nasty at all. Didn’t flame anyone, and i know that for a fact because i got banned for a month before that and thus have been very carefull. They state check your email when you hover over chat functions etc, except i didnt get a email. When I go into account info i have nothing to make a ticket for either.

I will just have to change the keybind i guess to something entirely different or just not even join coms when I get unmuted.

You know what happends when you play muted as tank? Your team says tank diff. That same team who doesnt follow you entire game and keeps walking into main onto their deaths over longer sightlines while you stand in a diffrent spot spamming group up.

They all walk past you on nepal shrine go main and get instantly shattered.
So you wait, spamming group up while walking towards the mega on the none coast side (so indoors route). They all walk past you again and get visored through a amp matrix. That team says tank diff, who had not followed their tank once.
And yeah you can argue follow your teammates than instead. But i knew they had those ults and I also knew there was nothing I could do in main to prevent their deaths.

I also got called a feeder by a soldier who died first every single fight who also called me out for a deranker “because i played 6 diffrent tanks” and who had 16 deaths vs my 7 deaths. Yet i couldn’t tell him im swapping because 4 people in their team swapped to counter me entire time.

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Fr, at least 5 of my friends have gotten banned this season and only 2 of them are known offenders for saying stuff that is worth them getting banned over.
By Blizzard’s report system logic, you could type “GG” after a game and if a whole team reports you 3 or 4 times, you’ll get banned. Make it make sense


Literal griefers can jump off the map and wall you off in spawn and pull you mid teamfight, nothing is done.

You even point out the griefer or “ask” to swap the wrong way
“can anyone play pharah?”
“we should go high ground”


If you win, all “GG wp!”

“braindead/ new to game/ worst team”

Every game. Every single game. Blizz does nothing.

I literally have no idea what is happening. I get told to kill myself regularly in competitive, by some player who tilted himself.

I dont know why people login anymore, its like they dont want to play, they just want to press tab, look for low scores, and blame+flame. Its more fun to them than the actual game itself.

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My most recent encounter was laughable. Typed “Doom Switch” after first point and he’s 8 and 13, doesn’t have enough sense to play in LOS of healers and when he says “switch why” I said “because you’re not a good doom.”
Switch to LW to pull him back to LOS (atp he’s 11 and 17)
“Report LW for throwing and comms.”
Okay lmao. I fully expect my account to be comms banned within the next couple days, I love that Blizzard shows supports for players with a “it’s always my teammates fault” mindset.


Wow. Finally someone made a topic about this. I never used explicit words, but I believe my words are extremely hurtful. I think for a week of bearing with newbies put into plat lobbies I finally said something like

“Using a gun perpetually at melee range sure says a lot about your intelligence, I can’t comprehend how much restriction you meet in life.”

“Do some maths dumb as, 5 people shooting at you and perpetual healing on you, I highly doubt you are useful in society if you can’t even pass elementary maths.”

And I got silenced for 14 days. I just laughed it off.

But the main problem is, the perpetuators win. The one who reports get a W in the situation. You have people getting offended, not being able to carry a fight on their own, and report you. Sure. go ahead, this game isn’t even important to life.