Why aren't smurfs bannable?


But you said


I mean, consider this: Does a pro basketball player has an edge over your random kids tryna dunk some balls after school? Does he does he not? Is it fair that he plays against them or not?


Mate you failed to made one important clarification there…

I want to play against people who are better than me. Thats the only way i myself can get better.

I however dont want to play against people who are wayyyyy out of my league you know?

At a drag race, there are tiers of cars who can compete against each other. According to that what you said, it would be fine if a 10k HP top fuel dragster would go up against a Hellcat. Or a VW Golf with an engine swap.

Yes they are better, but they are better by such a wide gap that you couldnt possibly think that they are in the right tier to compete


The developers did not intend people to use those exploits. I guess what you can infer from this is that the devs knew there would be smurfs, and that they are ok with it.

Just as in world of Warcraft they are ok with twinks.

However they are not ok with people using and showing off exploits, even if another player can access them. Just as how disguised toast off hearthstone was constantly banned because of him streaming glitches and bugs that could be exploited for free wins.


Yeah but everyone has access to them since they are in the game?

I mean, either Blizzard has trouble fixing their game and thus unfairly banning people, or smurfing should be bannable.

Tbh, i dont see an inbetween there. Why should one be ok while the other is a reason to bury someone?


On paper it is bannable but I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned for smurfing and even if they do it doesn’t affect their main anyway. They will probably get few days ban in the best case.


As others said, the only time smurfing will be punishable is when Blizzard makes little to no profit from smurfs anymore. The only time that will happen is if Overwatch goes F2P which I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

(on a side note I hope Overwatch never goes F2P, because that will only mean TONS of microtransactions and a lot more limited time/exclusive cosmetics such as the OWL all star skins, It is Activision afterall. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be willing to go so low to make future heroes and archive missions paid DLCs.


Because it’s very difficult to identify them, and Blizzard doesn’t mind if players buy multiple accounts.


The problem is, if you buy an alt account you’re gonna always smurf for a short period even if you play your best.

Often you don’t place around your real sr, so you’re going to smurf even if you don’t want to.


money thats why they made the game so only money the rest doesnt matter take all the cheats if you want as long as you pay they allow


It’s because there’s no way to prove somebody is smurfing. Things like purposefully deranking are bannable, though. Just being better than you isn’t reportable as long as they’re trying to win.


In short…

You can’t stop someone from buying something twice if there’s more then one of it.

If you buy one hot dog and the next guy buys two hot dogs you cant go “that’s unfair he shouldnt be able to have two hotdogs”

That’s the short version.


I would agree here, but I have logic on my side and it sucks to know these things. First the incorrect assumption that climbing “in the long” isn’t hindered my smurfs <— please note the s on the end of that, it’ll be on the test later.
Second Blizzard metric and notations that smurfs don’t have an adverse affect on the SR ladder.

So let’s get into it, you and every other person out there assumes that it’s pretty simple right? You encounter a smurf, they win and go up, you lose and go down. Simple. Eventually, maybe after 2 or 3 games that smurf isn’t able to play against you anymore, which is 100% true. However, the next smurf who you’ve just been aligned with, they may be in your next 3 or 4 games. Carry on to the game after those, and yet again, another smurf, 4 games later (that’s around 10 games in) and you’ve lost a ton of SR. Not exactly climbing potential. It’s not a smurf that’s the problem, it’s the number of them.

Blizzard’s metrics are what a lot of people fall back on. “Jeff said they’d climb so quickly it wouldn’t be an issue after a few games.” Well, he’s right and wrong. That specific smurf won’t be able to stop me from climbing the ladder, but the number of them will. “A skill based system would move them up and out fast” maybe, but do they gain 500 SR per game because they did well? And what about the fact that they lower the skill potential because they’re running around Genji deflecting the bronze McRee into stunning his whole team and then slashing through them 7 times? It has a negative effect on 6 people, and maybe a few on the smurf’s team because they won’t have performed as well as they usually might have.

So I would say in a nutshell that the metric (whatever it is that you want to call it), smurfing, and ranks needs to be looked at again. Smurfs are quite easy to spot, they are usually low level accounts with god-like game sense and tracking on an environment that they may have seen three times if they were actually new to the game. Not always, but that is the easiest way to spot them.


They won’t be banned because they paid money for the game and basically run the whole game. Blizz lost control.


Cause there is literally no way to determine whether or not someone is smurfing. Anyone can just say “it’s my brother’s account” and Blizz can’t accept or deny that answer so sadly we’re stuck with a bunch of people who want to ruin the game for 11 other people.


the only reason for the weaks reason of existing is to be food for the strong.
& so it is with a smurf. vs a noobie. there you have it


You can’t. All players of the game would have to be banned in order for the smurfing “problem” to disappear.


the only reason for the weaks reason of existing is to be food for the strong.
& so it is with a smurf. vs a noobie. there you have it


i want to bank smurfs… why is it not bankable :smiley:


Lol :joy::grin::v:. Time to take those smurfs to the bank for trial.


Actually, it’s in the ToS that you accept to play the game that you are the one playing the account. You take responsibility for the account and are solely responsible for the behaviour of the account. If smurfing was a bannable offense, and it is if you’re grouped (boosting), it wouldn’t matter if they said anything.