Why are you nerfing reaper

literally what the heck lol, he’s one of the most trash heroes right now, wraith form is one of the few things he’s got going for him.


Yeah, this is absurd.


what motivated this change? Cos I’m clueless AF


honestly its weird, wraith form should be able to escape all abilities(even junkrat trap) that said you can still escape damage by using it but still odd changes but remember it is just experimental


I kinda feel like it would make sense for Moira’s new fade concidering she is already able to do a lot including healing herself.
But i agree its a really absurd change to put on reaper concidering he’s primarily a dps and a close ranged one at that. Its his primary tool of escape or to re-position in the middle of a fight. And unlike fade the visual feedback still makes it clear for the enemies to where you are going with it.


Op is talking about this:


Wraith Form

  • No longer frees Reaper from Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux

It's kinda weird, since Reaper's wraith wasn't labeled a movement-ability. But I guess, they wanna delete him completly from the game



yeah thanks for clarifying lol. i was just so confused i kinda had to post it quickly


you will still be invulnerable. I dont see the problem

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Code. They dont feel like writing different code for him.
Wraith form and fade share the same code, and changing one will impact the other ones using it.


you can’t escape the grav anymore, for instance to go behind the enemy team shooting at your grav to try and distract them to save a support, for instance

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You’re still invincible. It’s just to make the abilities behave consistent. I assume you can still wraith before the grav to stay immune.

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It’s not long enough to survive a Dragon-Blade or Dragonstrike.

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well maybe they nerfed him bc of this?

what he said

Because theyre idiots trying to kill off every hero one by one.

Wraith was the only thing going for him now hes just dead for good


that’s not even an excuse, that’s just lazy patching. it shows they really don’t care for reaper if they cant even be bothered to make separate code for him, yet would probably do so in a heartbeat for a hero like genji or tracer. sad how unloved he is, huh


Yeah, you have just that one ability for a hailstorm of abilities in your face.
And since you are supposed to be close…
Dead Reaper.

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his one answer to the power creep that came from the other hitscans such as mccree, and it was nerfed for an odd reason. honestly i would’ve done the opposite and buffed it but whatever blizzard, widow players can’t kill someone for an entire 3 seconds and we can’t be having that, can we

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Yeah, it seems like you can’t have even that minor thing as a Reaper player.
I am not up for that nerf.

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i’m not a good reaper so just asking, how badly does this nerf hit him exactly

i mean if all the heroes are underpowered then no one will be, no?
Atleast that’s the logic jeff used regarding overpowered heroes