Why are you nerfing reaper

Pretty sure they touched on this in the AMA and the short answer was that this interaction, despite not being a movement ability, was actually fairly arbitrary. since they were considering changing it for fade, and since wraith form and fade are so similar, they would make it consistent by disabling it for both.

I would suspect that if they pushed this change through that Reaper would (at least soon/eventually) get a corresponding buff to account for it. I think they’re more concerned with getting data/feedback on Moira right now, though.

I think people are pretty grossly exaggerating how much of a nerf this is. It’s literally one interaction that can only come from two different hero’s ultimate abilities. People are acting like Wraith Form does nothing now but give you a free reload or something – remember that even in a Flux or Graviton, Reaper is still immune to damage for the entire duration.

And the logic behind it is simple, which is that the “Fade” property is getting a change overall. The only aspect of it being changed is just that they can’t escape these specific root effects, which is honestly more consistent than live, because the root effect of Junkrat’s trap, for example, will pin down faded targets and prevent them from moving.

I really don’t think this will be a huge deal for Reaper, at least not relative to his bigger concerns? It’s not like Reaper was too often escaping these ultimates and then doing something while his team was stuck, he could definitely get back into a battle or reposition, but more often than not, he was watching his team die without him. It is a nerf, but not really a significant one – you literally can’t notice this nerf if the enemy doesn’t happen to be rolling Zarya or Sigma.

That if the properties are not deeply rooted and general. You already know that there can be code that will run the same across instances. If they changed the MAIN class of invuln ability then all the subclasses will act the same.

It can or it cannot be the code, but it just feels weird to randomly affect reaper just like that.

You’re telling me they can have completely different behavior for Moira’s fade between Live and Experimental, but they can’t separate the behavior between Reaper and Moira? That’s some garbage programming right there.

True, but let’s wait and see how and why they nerfed reaper along with Moira.

Reaper needed QoL or at least some mobility buffs at the least.

They do the exact opposite and take it away.

Congrats Samito I guess.

A good reaper can see a grav coming, so you wraith beforehand and escape.

It makes them a little bit stronger against reaper. I find reaper very annoying to play against on tanks. It definetly nerfs his stalling abilities which is fine for me… unless we have one on our team.

If it’s just experimental I can see why they changed it. But it is good for consistancy’s sake. Reaper can still nullify the damage. He will have a tougher time repositioning after though.

I can live with this actually.

Nontheless, give Wraithform some minor buffs

in the recent AMA the was a question about grav vs wraith and fade. thay are the same thing but when grav prevents movement abilities and reaper’s wraith isnt mobility but fade is mobility but can escape grav? both are fading out so they want to have consistency with both abilities. and im sure they are trying changes for reaper that would compensate for this nerf if its would be added which it would not be

This is colleteral dmg. They want consistency and wraith is supposed to work like fade. Since they had to nerf fade, they needed to nerf Reapers wraith too. It’s pretty dumb, but that has to be the reason.

To nerf him in lower elo i’m guessing. That and to make escaping grav and flux consistent.

I think it’s for ability consistency. but there are a lot of similar abilities that have inconsistencies, don’t know why they starting to make it more stream line now >_>

They’re now trying to make dps unplayable to reduce queue times. Welcome to the OT meta. Sucks Hard.

Because the balance team have no idea what they are doing.


Sound about right …

very bad, he’s a very slow/trash hero right now and if they weaken one of his important skills to make plays and outplay an enemy he’s really trash now.

brig mains know that’s a lie! ^^

The experimental was only a death row for Brig

…and as a last meal, we only have a week to play with the old settings before the execution

advice: have as much fun as possible with your Repear before the sentence is applied :-p

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The devs said in the ama on reddit that they want “consistency”. Reaper can shift in a junkrat trap but can’t leave which goes for moira as well.

And i suppose that it’s the same here, tho i’d rather have good balancing ideas then consistency.