Why are Top 500s getting Bronzes in their games

Ojee, a Professional player for XL2 Academy, has a Bronze in his game.

This is a 4500 player with a person who peaked 1200 SR…

EDIT: I’m seeing pro players everywhere getting 1800 sr average games…

Devs, what have you done… Im gonna hold off on queuing, no way am I getting a game lower than 3900 LOL

Proof: https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoggyObliqueHerdHoneyBadger

This isnt the only instance too…

MORE NEWS: SF SHOCKS Choihyobin (Peaked rank 1 a couple seasons ago) PLACED GOLD :slight_smile:

This isnt looking like an mmr reset, because players are gaining ridiculously low amounts of sr per win, where if it was a reset, it would be the opposite.


Where’s the proof…word worth nothing without proof .

Echoflexx is streaming right now, was 4k5 last season, he’s getting silver and gold players in his games too.


Its all over twitter and twitch, literally check any high ranked streamer rn.

Eviltoaster is in a game with a gold as we speak rn…

So is Stevo…

The SR ranges need to reduced dramatically in competitive. I’m around 3600 and I’ll either get games in Low Diamond/Plat or GM. It’s hard to go from one to the other when playing. This wasn’t even during placements either.

Thats not it.

I think this is an mmr reset…

Which they didnt tell us about…

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Cool now peo don’t have to smurf to curb stomp…and shorter que with balance team…

Because Blizzard cannot make a decent matchmaker to save their lives, is why.


So comp now literally is QP? great… no escape from the horrible matchmaking

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It’s always been bugged like this for matchmaking at the very beginning of new season placements. I saw that back in season 12 too :smiley:

I dont think so… considering everyone wasnt screaming their heads off on twitter about wtf this was.

If this was consistent, then no one would be surprised.

I’ve had one experience like this during the beta and it shocked me. I’m in platinum on all 3 roles, can’t remember which one I was playing that game.

But the other team had someone who was top 500 i think 462 or something and our highest was probably a diamond. We actually won the game but still that makes no sense at all.

low to mid t500 during beta was low diamond

Thats not surprising.

Normally don’t really like saying these things, but there was a lot of people doing Bronze to GM climbing and literally pestering the lower ladder on the game.

Some people requested that the opposite should also be true, where lower ladder gets to show up in higher ladder. Feels like some revenge in the end.

That being said, RoleQ/2-2-2 feels offset on the matchmaker, SR is illogical, queueing gaps are illogical as well.

Seen it season 14 (i believe) from streams too like seagull :slight_smile:

I can’t link but freshnuts made a video bout the same thing with xqc a year ago: Top 500 Plays With a Bronze Player - Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 9

The opposite. Now you just have t500 duos completely tearing apart the teams w/o the t500 duos. This is worse for the lower srs.

Yeah, but those are SUPER rare instances that have always happened.


I’m not sure if I should feel bad for the GM or the Bronze player. lol


Both tbh. (20 chars)


I actually wouldn’t know how much this is occuring outside these forum posts tbh since i been watching OWL so shrug

Still it should stablize soon enough. Just keep pushing on is whatd I’d say in take these games with a few pounds of salt and yee should be good down the road